Friday, 15 September 2017

Misery of Rohingya Muslims

By: Peace Keeper

Myanmar (formerly Burma) a Southeast Asian country of more than 100 ethnic groups, bordering India, Bangladesh. China, Laos and Thailand. From last few years a minority of Rohingya Muslims who are being brutally killed, raped and humiliated in the hands of so called peace loving Buddhists clerics in the western part of Burma, resultantly more than 160,000 Muslims fled to Bangladesh and other parts of the world as refugees. Unfortunately, Bangladesh is unwilling to welcome their fellow Muslims with open arms this is such a pity and irony on the part of Bangladesh government's attitude.
Throughout the world when atrocities, violence and massacre carry out against Muslims i.e. Palestine, Indian Occupied Kashmir, Iraq, Syria and now Myanmar etc, the international community consisting of many major powers do not bother to act in a positive manner whatsoever. Hundreds of thousands innocent men, women and children (Muslims) have been killed, injured and displaced permanently as a result of negligence by those world preachers of peace and human rights.
This premeditated mass murder of innocents and the silence of the concerning government and rest of the world is nothing but a shameful act. Every country on the face of the earth more or less is responsible for this massacre of Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhists community.
The so called peace loving first ever State Counsellor of Myanmar and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi is showing a deadly silence in condemning the genocide of Rohingya Muslims. One cannot comprehend why is Kyi being such an irresponsible and cruel hearted, however you can safely assume that she could be the accomplice to the culprits. International community whether Muslims/Non-Muslims should request the Nobel prize committee to deprive Kyi of her Peace Prize with immediate effect, as the peace prize is conferred to those personalities who keep the soft heart for humanity regardless of their religion and region.
The bias against the Muslims around the world should now better be stopped and condemned globally, such treatment of people on the basis of their religion should not sustain any further. Major powers of the world should abstain from patronizing any specific religion, state and/or their agendas if they wish to bring peace and prosperity for our future generations.
Let us all as a human and for the sake of humanity join our hands to condemn killings, rapes, tortures and any such inhumane behavior towards Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, wherever there are cruelty and mishandling of humans we should raise our voice in a hope that this may bring a positive and long-lasting change.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Be Mature For God Sake

By: PeaceKeeper

Global Echoes of Panama Scandal

In April 2016 a joint investigating team of renowned journalists from all over the world investigated and unearthed astonishing facts about the shell companies owned by various political leaders, businessmen as well as celebrities around the world. The famous investigation ever since is known as "Panama Papers Scandal". Resultantly many western countries have/had taken strict actions against the culprits and many political leaders have lost their positions whether public office or their prestige altogether. This massive investigation has unearthed more than 3 tera bytes of official documentation which included comprehensive details of the assets, bank accounts, and shell companies etc.

Astonishing Decision by Pakistan's Supreme Court

Among this controversial scandal of Panama papers, the names of Pakistan's ruling government Prime Minister, as well as names of his immediate family members, were also included with substantive documented evidence. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his children including his finance minister have faced thorough investigation ordered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan since October 2016. Long story short is that as a result of this massive investigation conducted by concerned departments of Pakistan, the prime minister got disqualified from the premiership only recently in the month of July 2017. As this article is being written, the present Prime minister of Pakistan is ex-minister of petroleum Shahid Khaqaan Abbasi.

Childish Political Decision Making

In the wake of sudden disqualification of Nawaz Sharif from his powerful executive post, his cabinet, so called party loyalists and he himself all are making some childish decisions which likely to impact negatively not only their political career but also the entire political fabric of Pakistan. Mr Sharif and his entire party are getting ready for the collision with multiple state institutions including but not limited to Judiciary and Military. Many political analysts have suggested a sober and mature approach towards this political turmoil, they said if the truth has been unveiled and Nawaz Sharif proved to be dishonest in disclosing his assets etc, he should accept the decision of the highest court of Pakistan and should prepare his party for the next general elections. The ruling party PML-N is preparing to protest against the verdict of Supreme Court by heading a rally (In the leadership of Nawaz of course) from Rawalpindi to Lahore, via famous Grand Trunk Road (GT-Road). This GT-Road is one of the most crowded, oldest and longest roads of Asia. It has linked South Asia with Central Asia, this road runs from Bangladesh and passes from India, Pakistan and ends in Kabul Afghanistan. Surrounded by many big and small cities of Central and South Punjab, it remains overly crowded almost every day. In the current heated political as well as security situation of Pakistan, the decision of passing the rally on this crowded road is childish and nothing else.

Likely Outcome

After this long debate, we can safely assume that the likely outcome of this child's play is not going to do any good to ruling party, especially not in the favor of Nawaz Sharif. It will only oil the already blazing fire of cold civil-military relations and will create political chaos in the country. It is writing on the wall that someone from the advisors of Nawaz Sharif is playing the character of Devil's advocate, and trying to bring down the entire political career of Sharif with a jiffy. At this mature age of 60 plus years and political career span more than 30 years, Nawaz Sharif should act cautiously and with the elegance of leader of this sort. This rally with un-controlled party supporters all the way from Rawalpindi to Lahore will likely create a chaotic situation in terms of political heat as well as road block etc.
Pakistan is not able to afford such a huge political/social unrest while it is fighting terrorism and financial issues at the same time. Mr. Sharif should pay heed to the political analysts' suggestions, who are continuously warning Nawaz to take a lighter route towards his protest which is, of course, is his fundamental right.
No matter what, Nawaz is out from the scene of having the same prestige and popularity among masses as a leader of their nation. He should prepare some educated, sensible and pro-Pakistan leader to represent his political party in the next general elections, otherwise, PML-N will lose its credibility completely and perpetually.
Let us hope and observe the upcoming political scenarios in Pakistan, hopefully, good sense prevail in the meantime before the big independence day of Pakistan which is on 14 August.
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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Countering Extremism

By: Peace Keeper

A lesson of being patient in every walk of life is one of the most essential lessons in every religion, culture and society, at least on theoretical levels if not implemented practically. However if we look around us in today's societies the level of aggression and extremist attitudes is getting higher as compare to recent past.
Extremism defined
Many experts of terrorism from all around the world have concluded that extremism is one of the many root causes of prevalence of terrorism in many societies. To be factual, there is no single trigger i.e. religion or culture that promotes terrorism. Terrorism has grown to be business franchise for many cruel and ruthless people/organizations and in some cases even for governments. When an individual and/or group of people from any society starts showing aggressive behavior towards any certain group, sect, religion or country we can name it an extremist behavior or in a broader context extremism.
Many pseudo intellectuals and security experts around the world link extremism to a certain religion or country, which is not entirely true in its actual nature. Extremism is a psyche which can be presented and develop in any person, society or country, regardless of the fact that how advanced and developed the country is. Many recent events related to extremism have justified the theory that extremism is not linked to any certain religion or culture altogether. People belonging to different religions, race and creed have been extremist and even terrorists, the incidents gives the proof of allegation. Why does an educated and working class American who is also a white Christian male, started killing people random in the streets? He was neither Muslim, uneducated or belong to certain race as all attributes mentioned latter are normally linked to a perfect profile of an extremist. The answer lies in the mentality and perception which has been created in the minds of general public.
Perception Needs Improvement
So the perception needs a lot improvement and modification to counter the extremism in entirety. We cannot relate extremism to a certain religion, race and culture, the responsible quarters of the concerned governments would need to work hard and develop a narrative that does not seem prejudice and biased. Moreover, broader and consistent campaigns to teach general public needs to be kick started in every society, regardless of the fact that how peaceful and far more civilized these societies and countries look.
Essential Implementations
In countries/societies where deprivation is one of the key elements of excessive extremism, the need to address these issues is essential in curbing extremism. Such as underdeveloped countries are lacking basic necessities of providing food, shelter, health, employment and education to its people, in such cases the need to act smartly in all mentioned deprived areas is important. In societies where these basic necessary aspects are abundant or sufficient, the need to create perception of harmony and peace among people is need of the time. For this creation of harmony and peace governments should kick-start several psychological campaigns to develop a mindset of the public in a way that cater all required elements of peaceful and harmonized society. Proper and strict legislation should be passed against the racism, because racism leads to many extremist views and acts that ended up in violence and/or terrorism. Then comes the issue of sectarianism, again the responsible quarters of every government should pay heed to this issue and devise a proper and consistent policy against the crimes of sectarianism. For this process to be more fruitful the help from all walks of societies, especially from religious scholars, celebrities and politicians should be taken and propagated in smart manners. A man learns a lot from his home, so the parents and family are also an important element in shaping a personality of any person.

Monitoring of Policies
After devising the policies to counter extremism the government and all concerned organizations should follow a strict monitoring and evaluation in order to get the required results from their policies. The mechanism of monitoring and evaluation is very essential to counter extremism and any extremist behavior or elements.
n of their income in order to clear the state's debt. These encouraging steps would give a sense of confidence to a youth of any state and they would be more cordial and stress-free in their routine lives.
Every State Belongs To Its People

In order to curb/counter extremism it is important to remember that every state belongs to its people, if the people of any state are not satisfied with their lives and do not get basic facilities from the state, they are likely to be more vulnerable to extremism. Our nation and forthcoming generations are an asset to us, we should not deprive them of their fundamental rights and positive learning. Countering extremism is not a rocket science, all it needs is a proper policy and implementation. Along with mentioned techniques, a thorough and well-designed deradicalization program to welcome the disgruntled elements of the society back into the normal lives is important. State institutions should scrutinize the trigger of their extremist behaviors and should work on the basic issue with an intention to not let it emerge again.
Individual Responsibility

Finally, every individual is born with common sense and some type of wisdom "more or less". We should think about the consequences of our extremist actions, which are logically, religiously and socially not acceptable and appreciated by any society or culture. Not even a single religion encourages extreme behavior towards any human being, in fact not on any living being. The message of God is loud and clear, and we all are bound to follow and comply with this very message of spreading love, peace, patience and forgiveness.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Freelance Work From Home A New Trend Setter!

By: Peace Keeper

Professional Approach

To be able to work legitimately from the comfort of your home a person would need to be highly professional in any work he/she intends to freelance i.e. Whether you are a creative designer, content writer, web designer/developer, good at typing hectic and long texts etc, all you need is a professionalism to start with and gradually your work will speak itself and you will attract more and more projects to work as a freelancer.

Meeting Deadline

Always remember to complete the assigned task/project within the given deadline. So the formula is to assess the volume of the work being assigned to you and then give the deadline or accept the deadline by the project assigning individuals/organizations.
Breaking trust even in the general life is considered a lowest degree of being irresponsible and unreliable. So never break trust of any project assigning party, in fact the present system of freelance work (freelance work related popular websites mainly) do not provide space to anybody to commit fraud or break the agreed conditions no matter whatsoever.
It is very useful to advertise your product/service in a proper and professional manner, in order to get attraction of all those who may require your service(s)/product(s) a suitably crafted advertising strategy is essential for any individual and/or business.
Remember to deliver your best possible results while finalizing any given project. The quality of the final product you deliver will speak by itself and will be beneficial in creating a positive PR. Deliver your given task in such an efficient and affordable way that buyers are willing to hand over future similar tasks only to you.

Never Consider Freelance Work As Full Time Employment

For any sane individual it is not recommended to consider any freelance project/opportunity as a full time employment. I would highly recommend to all working individuals that you should keep doing your full time day job while working and building your career as a freelance worker. By doing this you will not land up into a situation where you could rely only on freelance projects and you will not face any financial hardships whatsoever.

Always Trust Your Instinct 

In your field of working as a freelancer you may come across many people who would claim to be earning fortune by only working few hours a day from their homes. But beware! do not consider such claims as a clear truth, even if such claims are legitimate and true in essence you better be aware that every individual has different level of responsibilities and capabilities. One individual could be lucky enough to earn handsome income just by working from home, but these fortunate people would only be handful and may have/had been working hard for years before getting such a privilege of working only from home and earn some good income to meet their expenses.

Things To Remember

So it is pertinent to remember that there are many factors involved in being a successful freelance worker from home. You will need to have multiple of the mentioned necessary tools/capabilities to excel in this field of internet freelance work. However once you give it a professional start up, you will be on the right track to be succeed with some adequate income while working from the comfort of your home. Our best wishes are with all of those freelance workers who wish to establish their rapport while working from home and providing quality services to their clients.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Homage to Junaid (Dil Dil Pakistan)

By: Peace Keeper

On 07 Dec 2016 (06-Rabiul-Awal) PIA flight PK 661 carrying 48 passengers and five crew members and one ground engineer crashed on the way to Islamabad from Chitral at 04:42pm PST. Until the latest update arrives by midnight, all passengers and crew members on board killed in the crash.

Chairman Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in his press conference confirmed the crash and casualties, explaining the apparent malfunction in the engine(s) of the plane as the cause of the crash.

The ATR-42 aircraft departed from Chitral around 3:30pm PST and was expected to land at Islamabad airport at around 4:40pm PST, however the flight crashed in Havelian near Abbottabad.

Our sincere condolences are with the bereaved families of the deceased!

On board the ill fate flight PK-661 was also a famous media personality and a religious scholar Junaid Jamshed flying with his wife. Junaid had left his pop singing career at the highest peak, after inclination towards the Islamic teachings (Which forbids music/singing) he later joined Tableeghi Jamat (A popular/peace loving Muslims belong to Sunni sect). Since the change of heart and almost all of his lifestyle Junaid has been a preacher/scholar who used to attract Muslims/Non-Muslims towards a peaceful attributes of Islam and he has been very famous for his polite yet attractive style of preaching.

According to close friends/colleagues Junaid Jamshed has always been a polite and peace loving person, especially after the conversion of his past life into the present life which follows all apparent pre-requisites according to the teachings of Islam.

In his journey of preaching true essence of Islam, Junaid has/had gone through rough phases where suddenly certain section of society criticized his way of teachings as well as threatening him. However Junaid has never seemed afraid of threats and criticism, he tried and tried his best to show positive side of his personality as well as true meanings of being Muslim.

A very very famous national song (Dil Dil Pakistan) which often considered to be second national anthem of Pakistan was sung by none other than Junaid Jamshed. This song was recorded and released in late 80s, but the essence and freshness of this patriotic song is still enchanting and mesmerizing for every listener.

It was confirmed by the officials that Junaid was on a trip of preaching Islam (Through platform of Tableeghi Jamat) in the areas of Chitral, alas! what a fortunate man he has been even at the end of his lifetime. He died doing the work he loved the most.... Preaching message of peace and love by Islam. The whole Pakistani nation is saddened by the news of plane crash and the news of Junaid Jamshed on board the same flight made the impact worsened.

Let us all pray for the forgiveness of deceased passengers and let us pay a homage to a beautiful and peace loving person. He has lived his life according to the teachings of Islam and has completed the journey of life while doing the same. Let us spread the message of peace, love and true way of living life which is taught to every Muslim through Quran and Hadith.

In the end I must say that Pakistan has lost yet another famous and pious personalities from the bouquet of shining flowers. May ALLAH forgive Junaid Jamshed and all of the Muslims who have died a tragic/sudden death and may ALLAH bestow patience upon the bereaved families. Aamin!

Junaid you will always be remembered for all of your good deeds, especially the hard work you have done in spreading the message of Islam. May you have the aspiring place in heaven the one which is promised to all Muslims of your kind by the ALLAH almighty.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Not Only Baton Going To Be Handed over!

By: Peace Keeper

Only a day is left for the new chief of Pakistan's army to take control from one of the most beloved and famous COAS General Raheel Sharif. The command takeover ceremony is going to take place in General Head Quarters (GHQ) of army in Rawalpindi.

For many culprits and corrupt individuals this change of command is creating a misconception of having a sigh of relief, but in fact this is not going to be a hassle free road for all those culprits/corrupts in the command of new army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Army is an institution designed mainly on discipline and patriotism, which does not reflect personal traits of any single individual (Read COAS), having said that it is very clear that incoming army chief would follow the book of discipline and patriotism and will keep tab on the pulse of his subordinates as well as tab on general public's pulse.

No doubt that General Raheel Sharif has done a tremendous job with valor and professionalism, and the same should be expected from the incoming chief of army staff. Pakistan is on the road of prosperity and peace and nothing can halt this tiresome process of enforcing peace and prosperity. Incoming chief General Bajwa would definitely follow the footsteps of his predecessor and will not leave any stone un-turned to complete ongoing projects/operations i.e. CPEC, Karachi Operation, Zarb-i-Azb etc which all have been almost completed under the superb command of General Raheel Sharif.

Having served major time of his service in border areas of LOC/IOK General Bajwa would surely take some fruitful steps to tackle aggression of India. General Bajwa is yet another professional/well decorated soldier who is also happen to be war hardened from the lot of many senior army officers.

This whole description is presented just to convey the message to all those culprit/corrupt individuals whether belong to military/civilian setup, that the change of command is merely a due process and nothing will change in the favor of enemies of Pakistan.

General Bajwa's priorities likewise General Sharif will be focused on eradicating terrorism and strengthen Pakistan's economy, especially by securing the ongoing processes on CPEC route. Apart from these aforementioned issues, filtering province of Punjab from the extremist and insurgent groups would surely be one of the many priorities General Bajwa would be focusing in his three years tenure.

The upcoming year 2017 will bring many good news for Pakistan in terms of economic stability as well as full control over menace of terrorism on its borders and internal areas. Let us hope and pray that may Pakistan become one of the most peaceful and prosper/technologically advanced countries on the face of earth. For achieving these highly important goals both civilian government and military establishment of Pakistan will have to work hand to hand, few strict measures could also be introduced in the foreign policy of Pakistan with mutual inputs from both civilian and military setups.

Until more good news arrives, let us all welcome the incoming COAS General Bajwa, and let us all offer the retiring General Raheel Sharif a farewell with highest gratitude and respect that he deserves. People of Pakistan will never forget your sincere efforts and you will always be remembered with utmost respect and gratitude sir(Gen. Raheel Sharif).

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Who Is Responsible For The Ambiguity in Pakistan...?

By: Peace Keeper

The daily English newspaper which also considered to be authentic and one of the prestigious newspapers of Pakistan (Dawn) has recently published a story..... The story apparently shows a grave rift between civilian and military leadership of Pakistan, the story also claims that Pakistan's military (Read Army) is supporting some of the radical/terrorist organizations and providing patronage to these organizations etc.

It was also reported that DG ISI admitted the mistakes made by the military establishment in the past, and he has agreed to deal with all banned/terrorist organization impartially. To cut the long story short, according to that report/story published in daily Dawn on 06 October, 2016 the Pakistan army is culprit for supporting terrorists and banned organization.

The reporter of that story claimed that he had received this story from a credible source, who happen to be presented in the meeting that was held in PM house, where prime minister, chief minister of Punjab and DG ISI was discussing the security situation of Pakistan along with other important matters. The official statement released by PM house has denied any such development/discussion and denied the credentials of this story on multiple occasions.

The denial of any such discussion by the PM house did not fix the damage much, as the newspaper claimed and insisted on the credibility of its reporting.

No matter what..... even if the story was a truth all the way, none of the organizations/newspaper publications has the right to damage and defame state's respectable institution(s), especially when the country is fighting the extremism internally as well as enduring conspiracies from external enemies.

The timing of this story is very crucial, people who understands the geopolitics and regional implications of certain events can easily fathom the repercussions of this story on the overall standing of Pakistan globally. Whoever planned and executed the publication of this fabricated story, has somewhat successful in achieving their initial objective, however the damage control has been implemented timely and Pakistan will come out of this situation sooner than later.

There is a thin line between freedom of speech and damaging the national interest, the newspaper and the planners (who actually made that fabricated story published) crossed the lines and damaged the national interest of Pakistan. The target of this conspiracy no doubt is Pakistan army, the culprit tried to defame the whole institution and also tried to validate the accusations made by Indian government on Pakistan army. If I read that story in any Indian newspaper I would have been relaxed as I know how the psychological warfare works, however I am saddened to read the story in national newspaper.

Pakistan army who is fighting and eradicating the terrorism and securing the borders of Pakistan, has sacrificed to the great extent and in return what they are getting is defamation. Time is changed now a mere story in leading newspaper cannot throw away the efforts of state altogether. However nation must demand strict policies to be implemented on such organizations that are undermining the very sovereignty of the state and its respectable institutions.

The question raises that who gains more from such attempts??? I would leave this to be concluded by the intelligent readers who should try and connect the dots to get to the actual culprit(s).

It is said that a dying light of the lamp, flutters before it goes off completely!!!

This is what happening with the dying lamps within does not matter how hard they try to shift the burden of conscience from their shoulders. Things will be clearer in near future with positive outcome which will lead Pakistan to the path of prosperity and development. The country has suffered a lot in terms of every aspect that matters, soon the time will be in favor of state of Pakistan and its sincere well wishers.

People of Pakistan respects and adore their armed forces and will standby armed forces shoulder to shoulder, to give befitting reply to the enemies of Pakistan. It is clear that there is consensus among the whole nation when it is about the sovereignty and esteem of the state, no one can intimidate this nation. Pakistani nation will not tolerate the establishment of hegemony over the region, no matter who tries to be hegemonic and intimidating.

The message is loud and clear in all respects to whom it may concern, please respect the decision of nation of Pakistan. Live and let live by focusing on other more important agendas you may have within your domain. Pakistan is focusing on the development of one of the biggest projects of South Asia (CPEC), and this project will be completed and bear fruit in coming days with additional economical benefits to Pakistan and its whole nation. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan's armed forces (Especially Pak-Army) are working hard towards the successful completion of CPEC project.

We demand government of Pakistan to take strict action against any organization that undermine the state organs by fabricating false and defaming schemes. A positive precedent needs to be set in this regard, before others follow the footsteps of yellow journalism and fifth columnist gets undue attention and temporary fame.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

India To Start University of Lies and Deception!

A Satirical Article

 (A rebuttal to Rajat Bedi's satire Pakistan To Start University of Begging)

By: Peace Keeper

Indian government to polish its expertise and to train novice liar/deceptive governments, i.e. Bangladesh, Bhutan etc, under the cunning supervision of its prime minister Narendra Modi and NSA Ajit Doval, has proudly announced University of Lies and Deception. The development came after India's deceptions and atrocities in IHK highlighted by Pakistan in UNGA.

Since I have always been cruel and ruthless and my National Security Advisor is following the same lines to get my attention and affection, we sat together with all other experienced liars and deceivers of our cabinet and decided to establish a university on the same yet skillful subject of lies and deception. Bangladesh, Bhutan and etc are lacking these skills of lying and deceiving and they should be trained on the similar level as Indian government has learnt these skills, under my and NSA's supervision. The faculty of the said university will be top notch skilled liars and deceivers, I will be the guest/visiting lecturer of the said university, however the syllabus will be jointly compiled by me and my NSA for the successful and thorough learning of the prospect students/governments. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi told media with a smiling face.

Plan Is Ready To Be Implemented
While explaining the plan, Modi told media that in the first phase of establishment the university will be set up in New Delhi, the teachers will be high level deceivers and liars from the RSS and BJP as well as from the cabinet. Other branches of university will be set up in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai in the second phase, but sooner than later. In the third phase, the branches of the said university of lies and deception will be set up in Bangladesh, Bhutan etc.
The reason we are focusing on establishing a full fledged university is that we do not want to leave any stone unturned while giving skilled education about lies and deception and false pride etc, this level could only be achieved at a university level.

Indian Media Welcomed Government's Decision
Indian media while welcoming the decision of setting up university said, that it will be another feather in the cap of deceptive Modi's government and will also give boost to Indian economy. While praising the Modi government the Indian media has also expressed their concerns over the likely sabotage from Pakistan's Army/Intelligence apparatus "ISI" to derail the set up of this grand university of lies and deception." To counter any such attack/sabotage from Pakistan, it has been suggested that the Indian government should seek help from their beloved US, Israel and Bangladesh etc.These aforementioned countries will protect the deceptive tactics of Modi's government and will counter-exploit Pakistan's weaknesses as and when possible." Times of India article suggested.
According to sources intimately close to Modi, the university will provide free "confidential" deception tools to its newly enrolled students.

Course Outline
A. Techniques to be the cunning liar and deceiver
B. Exploitation and Coercion According to The Situation
C. Getting Away Free After Raping Helpless Females
D. Manipulation of IHK Issues, how to defame Pakistan in UN/World
E.Successfully Launching False Flag operations in IHK and Inside India
F. Giving Fake Pleasure to Israel. US and Other So Called Masters of The World
G. Infiltration and Spreading Terrorism in Pakistan Without Accepting The Onus
H. All Kinds of Mandatory Lies and Deceptions To Run India

Apart from aforementioned course outline, there are some confidential subjects which were not publicized. According to the source intimately close to Modi, the confidential subjects are full of skills to guide an individual that how to become compulsive liar and great deceiver in the society. We wish India best of luck in establishing this university and hope they will keep up to standards of Modi. However we cannot elaborate the extent to which such universities will contribute in the devastation of cultural and moral norms, though such norms are not needed in Modi's corporate India.

(This is a satire, resemblance to any individual or personality should be considered a natural coincidence).

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Pakistan on a track of success and prosperity

By Peace Keeper:

Pakistan is considered one of the most struggling countries of the world, it has share of sustainable but mostly difficult times, and gladly it has always emerged triumph in the efforts of sustaining and stabilizing whether it is peace, economy, defence etc.

Hardship throughout its development

From the time of its inception, Pakistan has witnessed many ups and downs, but the vigor and persistence of Pakistan nation, has proved beneficial so far. The discriminatory attitude of British government and Hindus did not spare Pakistan even till the time of Partition in 1947. Most of the cultural and industrially developed part of the united India/Sub-Continent was awarded to Hindus (Newly Independent India) by their masters i.e British government.

Pakistan was treated like a step offspring, and the share of land and resources were not as good as it was for the India.

Let us have a look at today's Pakistan, it sailed through hard times brilliantly and Pakistan deserves a praise and recognition from the rest of the world. The way state of Pakistan created and used its resources after partition i.e. agriculture, industries, defence, political system and bureaucracy is something which should be taught in the text books.

Unbiased Opinion

I am trying my level best to be as impartial as possible, and I am honestly sees things the way I am describing them. All we need is a thorough research on Pakistan's successes and endeavors, instead of having a glance at the headlines of international news, which generally presents Pakistan as the most corrupted and dangerous countries of the world.

Defamation campaign against Pakistan

The truth is a lot more different than the fiction presented by the international media, I do agree and admit the fact; that Pakistan was being targeted with high level of terrorism, but since the operation Zarb-i- Azb started and produced results (It still is a successfully ongoing military operation) the wave of terrorism is reduced considerably in every part of Pakistan. This should be considered a positive shift and is worthy of applause from the world.

If we have a look at the foreign policy of Pakistan, it has very comfortable relationships with almost every country which directly or indirectly effects the global and/or regional politics/security etc. Yes Pakistan does not enjoy good relationship with India, and this is only because of the stubborn attitude and cunning covert tactics used by India to destabilize Pakistan. The issue of Kashmir, which should be considered and dealt with as serious violation of human rights by India, is left as it was back in 1948. Why the international comity and especially UN do not tame India towards leniency and support the right of Kashmiris to plebiscite?

There are many questions needful of detailed and prompt answers and actions by the UN as well as by India, when it comes to stability in Pakistan, Afghanistan as well as in Kashmir. The three different regions mentioned here are interconnected and directly effects processes in Pakistan. This is where India is playing its criminal games.

External elements and their role

The major problems of peace sustainability in Pakistan are externally generated issues, which obviously/of course exploited within Pakistan on the basis of sect and religion, but by the handlers sitting outside Pakistan i.e. India. No country would ever allow instability within its borders, and same is the case with Pakistan. India at many occasions directly as well as indirectly accepted the responsibility of creating instability within Pakistan, and this should be handled by the international comity as a serious offence and intervention of sovereignty by India. Moreover to cover the mess it created, India blames Pakistan's interference in the instability of more than 28 states of India. Which is extremely exaggerated as Pakistan being a very small country in comparison to India, and to create such level of instability Pakistan must possess divine powers and full flow of financial resources, the latter is the basic area where Pakistan lacks. Therefore the idea of maligning Pakistan on these basis is absolutely ludicrous.

Along with all these ongoing issues and conspiracies, Pakistan is thriving by every passing moment and it will reach the goal of economic independence and stability, in my opinion no later than year 2025 or maximum by 2030.

There are many so called allies of Pakistan, who are always remain ungrateful towards the efforts and steps Pakistan takes for the regional peace and stability. Whether it is related to the stability and peace cooperation with Afghanistan or fighting against terrorism with the backing of US, every effort goes unnoticed or considered very little. Pakistan deserves it equal share of applause, not because the state is in need of such recognition, instead the Pakistani nation asks the question of self respect and recognition from its state. They ask why are we fighting for others if we do not even get recognition, instead Pakistan's name get maligned in such efforts.

CPEC a game changer!

The initiation of CPEC (China and Pakistan Economic Corridor) project is going to be a milestone in the history of the region, in terms of economic stability and security. There will be no looking back for Pakistan, no matter how hard the hostile elements try to derail these efforts and cooperation of both Pakistan and China.

The level of education in Pakistan is still needs much improvements, however those who are educated/literate are going places due to their capability and intellectual, which is no less than any competent student of the world.

To cut the story short, I would say that Pakistan is on a right track towards success, stability, peace and prosperity and time will define the respect and recognition that Pakistan deserves. May the good deed and optimism prevails over the evil acts. Aameen!

Friday, 26 August 2016

ISI...True defender of Pakistan..

By: Peace Keeper

The propaganda against ISI
You must have read and/or heard a lot about the supreme intelligence agency of Pakistan, Directorate of Inter Services Intelligence, famously known as ISI. But to my astonishment most of the people are either anti ISI due to a planned agenda of internal and external enemies of Pakistan, or because of the naivety of a common man who is targeted by the enemies through psychological tool of media (Electronic/Social).
Just turn on your televisions, domestic, national or even on international level. You will find poisonous language been/being used against the defending forces (ISI is big example here) of Pakistan.
Basic known structure/functioning
ISI is headed by the three star general of the Army, many other deputies and station heads are mainly from the military (Mostly Army), whereas a considerable (not certain) number of employees are also civilians. A very disciplined and professional organization, ISI is considered to be one of the best intelligence agencies of the world. And this categorization was not done locally, rather the ranking was given on international level.
The media war against ISI
Yet there is psychological war (mainly through print/electronic media and internet) being run against the ISI, on the behest of some hidden hands. They allege that ISI is interfering/meddling in the civilian structures of Pakistan's government, however they do not mention the incapabilities of the civilian political structure of Pakistan. Since its inception in 1947, Pakistan has been reigned by the civilian politicians, who did not deliver or should I say who did not work towards the welfare of the state/nation, rather they intoxicated themselves in the joyful spirits of power and authority.
Believe me when I say, that if there had not been Army/ISI and other devoted organizations, Pakistan would have not been existed this long. The level of corruption, nepotism, favoritism and lawlessness would have vanished the name Pakistan from the world map. It is due to the sincere efforts and defensive strategies of defense forces of Pakistan, that made it through all this ordeal of corruption and internal destabilization.
Let me ask the readers/the common man. Why there is not much anti-CIA, anti Mossad, anti RAW news and articles in print and electronic media??? Although these aforementioned intelligence agencies have done various black ops and they are considered to be far more powerful in terms of finances and resources technical/non-technical. I have only one answer comes to my mind and that is; ISI is being a thorn in their eyes and throats whoever wishes Pakistan to be non-existent.
What is the role of ISI?
As far as my little knowledge is concerned, the role and mandate of any intelligence agency is to protect the sovereignty and legitimacy of the state it belongs.An organization of such huge stature and responsibility ""ISI"", why would it not be working pro Pakistan? the truth is that it is sincerely working in favor of Pakistan and its nation, and that is the only reason of ISI being defamed by the fifth columnist around the world. These so called pseudo intellectuals who defames ISI and Military of Pakistan, are paid parrots of anti-Pakistan elements.
I might would not be able to sacrifice my social and personal life in the line of duty, but those true defenders of Pakistan (ISI personnel), do sacrifice their lives, social as well as personal in the line of duty, and in return all they get is the basic salary which every other government official (Of same pay scale) of other ministries gets for their services, which are far more convenient if we compare it with the services of ISI personnel. Where is the catch for such a sacrifice, the only catch is a deep love for your country and its well being.
In news channels and print media you must have/had heard or read about the martyrs of military, police and other LEAs, however I am sure you have/had never heard or read about the martyrs of intelligence agencies of Pakistan, so you will have to rule the last option of fame and name also. They do not even get name and fame after being martyred in the line of duty. So what is the catch?? I leave this point to be considered by readers, who are much more intelligent than I am.
A person should be honest and should appreciate if someone does a good job, especially if the job is to defend the homeland. I would not mind saluting and encouraging the sacrifices of ISI and every single personnel of this organization. I would reject and refuse anti-ISI claims which are made by some pseudo intellectuals of Pakistan's journalism world.
Ex CIA officer praised the professionalism of ISI
An ex officer of CIA Michael Scheuer accepted the professionalism and high level of patriotism of ISI towards Pakistan, he praised the ISI in an interview my readers can visit the following link to see what he has to say about ISI:
It is worth mentioning here that, the operation against Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1979 by the ISI was backed morally as well as financially by the CIA. The same CIA who every now and then calls ISI a "Rogue Organization". My question is was the ISI not rogue enough to be their ally in 1979??? This is not good to be ungrateful to the organization who helped having a stable stance for USA,when she was surrounded by the mist of cold war with soviets.
The above mentioned are very few of the several bitter truths about the professional capability of ISI, these truths should not be bitter for Pakistani nation as it should give them sense of protection and pride for having ISI as the supreme intelligence agency of Pakistan. In the end it is personal perception of any individual to like or dislike any person/organization, however I felt a huge responsibility to clear some doubts which are being spread against one of the most capable intelligence services of the world, the ISI!!!!!

Monday, 22 August 2016

INGOs-Shadowy Characters or Sincere Efforts

By: Peace Keeper

What INGOs mandate is?

Since the early 1980s the concept of giving a helping hand to underdeveloped and war-torn countries has been a norm for INGOs, rather more effective and financially sound than the government of the host country. Many analysts, representatives of the of religious groups and others have in one way or the other criticized the role of these INGOs.
What is the real truth behind all this streak of philanthropy?? helping mankind in every possible way is a noble task, but along with positive vibes, there are multiple dimensions of such acts which are considered to be dubious.
INGOs works in underprivileged areas/countries
Today in every under developed and war-torn country there are hundreds of foreign-funded NGOs (INGOs) working for the welfare of the people or trying hard to help the government to be stabilized economically, socially and morally of course. But many experts of the countries where such NGOs are working tirelessly believes that there is some hidden agenda behind all of the social and development work that is being carried out on a huge scale.
These INGOs deals in various sectors i.e.
  • human developments,
  • livelihood,
  • social and economical development,
  • skills development training,
  • human rights,
  • education, science and technology
  • health and rehabilitation
  • agriculture
There are some well-known INGOs actively working in various sectors, i.e.
  • USAID,
  • DFID
  • Oxfam
  • Save the Children
  • Open Society Foundation
  • Acted
  • Red Cross
  • Care etc

Some Blunt Negative Reactions 

Countries like Russia, China and Libya have/had claimed blatantly that if not all then at least many of the NGOs are running some hidden agendas to get hegemony of their respective countries over the under developed and/or war-torn countries. In recent past, an INGO (Save the Children) which was conducting its various projects in Pakistan had been suspended by the Pakistan's government, due to its alleged nefarious activities within Pakistan, and all that in the name of health care and welfare of the children. A local doctor of the Northern areas of Pakistan has also been arrested by the LEAs for conducting espionage against Pakistan.
Such incidents do show the somewhat suspected activities by these INGOs in the countries where they operate, but why such a noble cause is being used to infiltrate the privacy of other nations?

Allegations of Espionage 

Intelligence for hundreds of years has been a profession of deception and extreme measures, however, one could not expect the extreme to be at such level, where espionage conducted in the garb of social welfare and human rights.
 As mentioned earlier the big names in this field like " Save the Children" have been criminalized and there are many such incidents, which do not reach to the general public.
The poor/under developed countries sees such helping hands/Aid from western developed countries as a generous gift, but this gift could not/should not be accepted on the price of breach of their sovereignty. If any mentioned country tightens the circle and restrict movements/activities of such NGOs within their country of working, then we witness loud and clear threatening tones of the government who are funding these projects, and these threats are only to undermine self-respect and care for the sovereignty of the host under developed countries.
Charity and helping others does not mean that you can breach the social norms and privacy of the beneficiary, it does not goes like that at all!!! It is obvious that foreign funding/aid is an act of generosity which is neither a loan nor a request to receive one. Then such an attitude from the donor/the funding government does not seem to be morally corrected.
World is changing very promptly with the concept of globalization being implemented by every passing minute, in such global society where every individual has access to modes to convey their message(s) with a swift movement of fingers, no nation/society would accept such adventurous schemes from any one, even if it is on the cost of losing billions of dollars of foreign funded projects.
The role of INGOs/NGOs to develop a peaceful and prosperous society is very important, but it should remain within the parameters of its given mandate. Only then the world could see some very successful projects being implemented through such INGOs.
There are rather more adventurous and exciting profession to conduct espionage than the use of meager shoulder of International Non Governmental Organizations.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Whose brain child is the " New World Order"?

Peace Keeper

I have long been reading and hearing about a phenomena known as " New World Order". To be realistic and quite honest I cannot gather the very purpose of such a notion... We being an individual states of the world, cannot withstand and obey the constitutions and local laws, what change will this New World Order draw upon any society. Instead I believe it will take us back to the era of slavery.

Who is getting the maximum benefit out of such orders???? Intellectuals are out there to summarize the very purpose of such phenomena. A single currency throughout the world, one set of laws which will not considered international law, instead it will be a set of laws for every state no matter which continent the country belongs to.

Is the world getting united or being hijacked by handful of power lusty persons/organizations etc? We do not need any new world order or anything that makes our lives and systems more complicated and/or accessible to be hanged or controlled remotely. In fact the phenomena has already started in the shape of plastic money and virtual communications, which are really predominant these days i.e. Social media facebook, whatsapp, skype and also communication through general usage of mobile phones and even landlines. Every thing is being monitored if not controlled by some shadowy personalities, who God knows sitting how far from us and yet have full control of monitoring our lives daily activities.

This theory of NWO is reflecting what philosophers of Western world have/had already described as a totalitarian mode to rule over people. According to the hypothetical analysis of this theory the world will become a single state of its own kind, with every will be shared among everybody. This sounds quite interesting and thrilling, yet the reality of this theory if becomes true is quite gloomy.

The so called " Care for the world" is seems to be an agenda of getting permissible access into the activities of other states, without being noticed as an antagonist, rather the image presented that of a protagonist. I am not referring this to every good cause which is being held around the globe, of course the evil will have the garb of such philanthropists or saviors of the world, but not every organization working in this direction is implementing the agenda of new world order.

We should try and evaluate the situations by ourselves, as common sense is a virtue every man has been gifted by birth, there is only need to increase the capacity of your common sense to come to the conclusion of dirty games in our world. No matter how loudly we protest, the policies are being implemented in the name of so called " Check on general public", this is a none sense which could be justified by many contemporary self created situations.

I do not ask general people/layman to stop being part of the contemporary world or to stop having benefits of today's technology, instead there should be an awareness among people of the world that they should not become enemy to each other on the basis of race, religion, color, breed, caste etc. Things are always not as they seems in an apparent scenario, there is a lot being done to make the world engaged in their trivial issues, while the game planner gets the time to implement gradually but effectively the idea of his evil mind.

I am neither  showing skepticism nor I am a conspiracy theorist, but like mentioned before a man has a common sense to evaluate things, and my evaluation of certain current and recent situations is that, all of the big names in the politics and business of this world are merely puppet in the hands of the game planner. And my points somewhat have been proved by one way or the other. Such theories with great details and facts of the grounds have been presented by the senior scholars, analysts and wise thinkers of the world.

From political to economical, defense, public, foreign and fiscal policies etc are being closely formulated and monitored by the shadowy characters, only to decide what will go next on the stage of this beautiful world!!!!!

May the positive sense in the favor of the whole humanity prevail, and I also second the thoughts of the phrase "There is one plan of Man and there is one plan of God, and then only God's plan is permanent and unchangeable!"
 So let the evil forces plan whatever they deem suitable, we as a layman should rest on the plans of God, which definitely will be in great favor of humanity.