Monday, 28 November 2016

Not Only Baton Going To Be Handed over!

By: Peace Keeper

Only a day is left for the new chief of Pakistan's army to take control from one of the most beloved and famous COAS General Raheel Sharif. The command takeover ceremony is going to take place in General Head Quarters (GHQ) of army in Rawalpindi.

For many culprits and corrupt individuals this change of command is creating a misconception of having a sigh of relief, but in fact this is not going to be a hassle free road for all those culprits/corrupts in the command of new army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Army is an institution designed mainly on discipline and patriotism, which does not reflect personal traits of any single individual (Read COAS), having said that it is very clear that incoming army chief would follow the book of discipline and patriotism and will keep tab on the pulse of his subordinates as well as tab on general public's pulse.

No doubt that General Raheel Sharif has done a tremendous job with valor and professionalism, and the same should be expected from the incoming chief of army staff. Pakistan is on the road of prosperity and peace and nothing can halt this tiresome process of enforcing peace and prosperity. Incoming chief General Bajwa would definitely follow the footsteps of his predecessor and will not leave any stone un-turned to complete ongoing projects/operations i.e. CPEC, Karachi Operation, Zarb-i-Azb etc which all have been almost completed under the superb command of General Raheel Sharif.

Having served major time of his service in border areas of LOC/IOK General Bajwa would surely take some fruitful steps to tackle aggression of India. General Bajwa is yet another professional/well decorated soldier who is also happen to be war hardened from the lot of many senior army officers.

This whole description is presented just to convey the message to all those culprit/corrupt individuals whether belong to military/civilian setup, that the change of command is merely a due process and nothing will change in the favor of enemies of Pakistan.

General Bajwa's priorities likewise General Sharif will be focused on eradicating terrorism and strengthen Pakistan's economy, especially by securing the ongoing processes on CPEC route. Apart from these aforementioned issues, filtering province of Punjab from the extremist and insurgent groups would surely be one of the many priorities General Bajwa would be focusing in his three years tenure.

The upcoming year 2017 will bring many good news for Pakistan in terms of economic stability as well as full control over menace of terrorism on its borders and internal areas. Let us hope and pray that may Pakistan become one of the most peaceful and prosper/technologically advanced countries on the face of earth. For achieving these highly important goals both civilian government and military establishment of Pakistan will have to work hand to hand, few strict measures could also be introduced in the foreign policy of Pakistan with mutual inputs from both civilian and military setups.

Until more good news arrives, let us all welcome the incoming COAS General Bajwa, and let us all offer the retiring General Raheel Sharif a farewell with highest gratitude and respect that he deserves. People of Pakistan will never forget your sincere efforts and you will always be remembered with utmost respect and gratitude sir(Gen. Raheel Sharif).

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