Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Who Is Responsible For The Ambiguity in Pakistan...?

By: Peace Keeper

The daily English newspaper which also considered to be authentic and one of the prestigious newspapers of Pakistan (Dawn) has recently published a story..... The story apparently shows a grave rift between civilian and military leadership of Pakistan, the story also claims that Pakistan's military (Read Army) is supporting some of the radical/terrorist organizations and providing patronage to these organizations etc.

It was also reported that DG ISI admitted the mistakes made by the military establishment in the past, and he has agreed to deal with all banned/terrorist organization impartially. To cut the long story short, according to that report/story published in daily Dawn on 06 October, 2016 the Pakistan army is culprit for supporting terrorists and banned organization.

The reporter of that story claimed that he had received this story from a credible source, who happen to be presented in the meeting that was held in PM house, where prime minister, chief minister of Punjab and DG ISI was discussing the security situation of Pakistan along with other important matters. The official statement released by PM house has denied any such development/discussion and denied the credentials of this story on multiple occasions.

The denial of any such discussion by the PM house did not fix the damage much, as the newspaper claimed and insisted on the credibility of its reporting.

No matter what..... even if the story was a truth all the way, none of the organizations/newspaper publications has the right to damage and defame state's respectable institution(s), especially when the country is fighting the extremism internally as well as enduring conspiracies from external enemies.

The timing of this story is very crucial, people who understands the geopolitics and regional implications of certain events can easily fathom the repercussions of this story on the overall standing of Pakistan globally. Whoever planned and executed the publication of this fabricated story, has somewhat successful in achieving their initial objective, however the damage control has been implemented timely and Pakistan will come out of this situation sooner than later.

There is a thin line between freedom of speech and damaging the national interest, the newspaper and the planners (who actually made that fabricated story published) crossed the lines and damaged the national interest of Pakistan. The target of this conspiracy no doubt is Pakistan army, the culprit tried to defame the whole institution and also tried to validate the accusations made by Indian government on Pakistan army. If I read that story in any Indian newspaper I would have been relaxed as I know how the psychological warfare works, however I am saddened to read the story in national newspaper.

Pakistan army who is fighting and eradicating the terrorism and securing the borders of Pakistan, has sacrificed to the great extent and in return what they are getting is defamation. Time is changed now a mere story in leading newspaper cannot throw away the efforts of state altogether. However nation must demand strict policies to be implemented on such organizations that are undermining the very sovereignty of the state and its respectable institutions.

The question raises that who gains more from such attempts??? I would leave this to be concluded by the intelligent readers who should try and connect the dots to get to the actual culprit(s).

It is said that a dying light of the lamp, flutters before it goes off completely!!!

This is what happening with the dying lamps within Pakistan..it does not matter how hard they try to shift the burden of conscience from their shoulders. Things will be clearer in near future with positive outcome which will lead Pakistan to the path of prosperity and development. The country has suffered a lot in terms of every aspect that matters, soon the time will be in favor of state of Pakistan and its sincere well wishers.

People of Pakistan respects and adore their armed forces and will standby armed forces shoulder to shoulder, to give befitting reply to the enemies of Pakistan. It is clear that there is consensus among the whole nation when it is about the sovereignty and esteem of the state, no one can intimidate this nation. Pakistani nation will not tolerate the establishment of hegemony over the region, no matter who tries to be hegemonic and intimidating.

The message is loud and clear in all respects to whom it may concern, please respect the decision of nation of Pakistan. Live and let live by focusing on other more important agendas you may have within your domain. Pakistan is focusing on the development of one of the biggest projects of South Asia (CPEC), and this project will be completed and bear fruit in coming days with additional economical benefits to Pakistan and its whole nation. It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan's armed forces (Especially Pak-Army) are working hard towards the successful completion of CPEC project.

We demand government of Pakistan to take strict action against any organization that undermine the state organs by fabricating false and defaming schemes. A positive precedent needs to be set in this regard, before others follow the footsteps of yellow journalism and fifth columnist gets undue attention and temporary fame.

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  1. In my point of view the whole story was built up by Our Ruling political Party, and being fed to Media as per the plan Just to Disgrace Pakistan Army. If you care fully go through the events from the Prime Minister's UN Speech Indian Prime Minister And Media Pundits where Stating it like this was not Nawaz Sharif's verdict but he was forced by Military to show this stance.... As Its all done on the signals of Zionist lobby and RAW , The Ruling party Intentionally created this story mentioning some banned outfits to be supported by army and Govt has started pursuing about it and are pushing army to take action against them.
    This Helped the ruling party on two grounds, one they proved their Loyalties to the Zionist-com-Raw Lobby helping them establish their business around the globe using their powers and two they conveyed it to international media that Pakistan Army is backing some terrorist groups and we have started questioning about it and if their Govt is destabilized now Military And Establishment will be responsible for it as they have been Dreaming from late 90's
    Actual Fact is the ruling political party is working a puppet for Zionist Bosses who actually have shown them future dream in whom they live like kings if they support their cause.
    IF The Ruling Govt was One percent Loyal to Pakistan Then they would never have tried to incorporate corruption and back the corrupt culprits. They know their survival is only dependent on those people who are working on Zionist agenda!