Friday, 9 September 2016

The King Nawaz Sharif Is In Severe Tension!

                               Satirical Article                          

There is a kingdom of pure yet naive people called "Pakistan" which is being ruled by the King Nawaz Sharif. The king is neither tyrant nor selfish, instead he is quite generous to provide free oxygen to his people. The world of self interests where no one cares about poor and needy people, the King Sharif is allowing electricity facility to people for maximum of about 12 hours a day.

Would anyone still doubt his love for his people? I would not.. I would rather pay my personal gratitude to the king for such a generosity and favor to people of kingdom of Pakistan. The king is also very humble towards his family and friends, all of the key posts in the kingdom i.e. finance, defence, provincial posts, water and power, commerce etc are bestowed upon king's family members, relatives and friends. In today's society which is engulfed with selfishness the love and affection of king for his family and friends is quite a virtue.

The Royal Police:
The police of the kingdom has been given special protection no matter what they commit, they will always have the backing of the great king himself. In the world where protectors are used and considered to be just common servants, such a privilege directly from the king is laudable. The royal police has the most desirable skill sets i.e. torturing any person who speaks against the king, taking bribe responsibly, creating and filing fake cases against foolish innocent laymen and all other nasty works as and when required by the King.

The Royal Administration:
First thing first, it is pertinent to mention here that the King is very hard working therefore he appointed himself as the foreign minister of the Kingdom as well... Is it not astonishing??? The rest of the administration comprising several ministers (mostly from the circle of family and friends) and the long list of sycophants (Bureaucracy) is always ready to serve the King, not the people!!!

Rebel Army:
The only institution which is rebel and not working hard as our beloved King and his administration do, and that very institution is disobedient of the great king; the institution is the People's Army (You may also read armed forces). The army is not eligible to be called a royal army of the king, as they do not take orders of the king seriously. They do not let the enemy of the state (Friends of the king) enter into the kingdom. This is really bad, they should follow the orders even if these orders are not in the interest of the kingdom.

The present issue.... The Tension:
There is a heroic yet emotional personality in the kingdom, Mr Khan who is against every policy of our beloved, hardworking king. No one dare to stand against the Khan, to protect the innocent king. He roams in the entire kingdom, while abusing and blaming the innocent king. He is after the throne of the king. Is Mr.Khan not intelligent enough to admit the fact, that the throne belongs to the offspring of the king, not to Mr. Khan. Khan is living in fools paradise, he should wake up and face the reality, the king will not let him succeed in his plans...after all the kingdom belongs to beloved king. The way king treats kingdom and its people, it gives an impact that the king owns the kingdom as well as the poor, dirty and lesser humans of the kingdom.
Real cause of king's tension:
The present time is hard for the king, Khan has plans to attack palace of the king with all the power Khan possess. Our king is in severe tension, that how to cope with Khan under the given circumstances. All you intelligent people out there who are happens to be followers and fans of the King Nawaz Sharif,  you should give him some valuable suggestions and advises so that he may continue being a king and his heirs receive the throne after the king retires. So now that we are aware of the cause of the tension and crisis king is facing, we should pray for the king and his success.

 The probable outcome:

This part is very tricky, since the king owns the kingdom of Pakistan and its people the chances of Khan being dominated over our king are highly unlikely. After all king has blessed people with privileges of corruption, man slaughter, power shortages, increased taxes less income and employment etc. Why would people go against him, after having all these aforementioned privileges?????
The king will continue his generous rule over this kingdom and its blissful people.

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