Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Whose brain child is the " New World Order"?

Peace Keeper

I have long been reading and hearing about a phenomena known as " New World Order". To be realistic and quite honest I cannot gather the very purpose of such a notion... We being an individual states of the world, cannot withstand and obey the constitutions and local laws, what change will this New World Order draw upon any society. Instead I believe it will take us back to the era of slavery.

Who is getting the maximum benefit out of such orders???? Intellectuals are out there to summarize the very purpose of such phenomena. A single currency throughout the world, one set of laws which will not considered international law, instead it will be a set of laws for every state no matter which continent the country belongs to.

Is the world getting united or being hijacked by handful of power lusty persons/organizations etc? We do not need any new world order or anything that makes our lives and systems more complicated and/or accessible to be hanged or controlled remotely. In fact the phenomena has already started in the shape of plastic money and virtual communications, which are really predominant these days i.e. Social media facebook, whatsapp, skype and also communication through general usage of mobile phones and even landlines. Every thing is being monitored if not controlled by some shadowy personalities, who God knows sitting how far from us and yet have full control of monitoring our lives daily activities.

This theory of NWO is reflecting what philosophers of Western world have/had already described as a totalitarian mode to rule over people. According to the hypothetical analysis of this theory the world will become a single state of its own kind, with every will be shared among everybody. This sounds quite interesting and thrilling, yet the reality of this theory if becomes true is quite gloomy.

The so called " Care for the world" is seems to be an agenda of getting permissible access into the activities of other states, without being noticed as an antagonist, rather the image presented that of a protagonist. I am not referring this to every good cause which is being held around the globe, of course the evil will have the garb of such philanthropists or saviors of the world, but not every organization working in this direction is implementing the agenda of new world order.

We should try and evaluate the situations by ourselves, as common sense is a virtue every man has been gifted by birth, there is only need to increase the capacity of your common sense to come to the conclusion of dirty games in our world. No matter how loudly we protest, the policies are being implemented in the name of so called " Check on general public", this is a none sense which could be justified by many contemporary self created situations.

I do not ask general people/layman to stop being part of the contemporary world or to stop having benefits of today's technology, instead there should be an awareness among people of the world that they should not become enemy to each other on the basis of race, religion, color, breed, caste etc. Things are always not as they seems in an apparent scenario, there is a lot being done to make the world engaged in their trivial issues, while the game planner gets the time to implement gradually but effectively the idea of his evil mind.

I am neither  showing skepticism nor I am a conspiracy theorist, but like mentioned before a man has a common sense to evaluate things, and my evaluation of certain current and recent situations is that, all of the big names in the politics and business of this world are merely puppet in the hands of the game planner. And my points somewhat have been proved by one way or the other. Such theories with great details and facts of the grounds have been presented by the senior scholars, analysts and wise thinkers of the world.

From political to economical, defense, public, foreign and fiscal policies etc are being closely formulated and monitored by the shadowy characters, only to decide what will go next on the stage of this beautiful world!!!!!

May the positive sense in the favor of the whole humanity prevail, and I also second the thoughts of the phrase "There is one plan of Man and there is one plan of God, and then only God's plan is permanent and unchangeable!"
 So let the evil forces plan whatever they deem suitable, we as a layman should rest on the plans of God, which definitely will be in great favor of humanity.

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