Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Pakistan on a track of success and prosperity

By Peace Keeper:

Pakistan is considered one of the most struggling countries of the world, it has share of sustainable but mostly difficult times, and gladly it has always emerged triumph in the efforts of sustaining and stabilizing whether it is peace, economy, defence etc.

Hardship throughout its development

From the time of its inception, Pakistan has witnessed many ups and downs, but the vigor and persistence of Pakistan nation, has proved beneficial so far. The discriminatory attitude of British government and Hindus did not spare Pakistan even till the time of Partition in 1947. Most of the cultural and industrially developed part of the united India/Sub-Continent was awarded to Hindus (Newly Independent India) by their masters i.e British government.

Pakistan was treated like a step offspring, and the share of land and resources were not as good as it was for the India.

Let us have a look at today's Pakistan, it sailed through hard times brilliantly and Pakistan deserves a praise and recognition from the rest of the world. The way state of Pakistan created and used its resources after partition i.e. agriculture, industries, defence, political system and bureaucracy is something which should be taught in the text books.

Unbiased Opinion

I am trying my level best to be as impartial as possible, and I am honestly sees things the way I am describing them. All we need is a thorough research on Pakistan's successes and endeavors, instead of having a glance at the headlines of international news, which generally presents Pakistan as the most corrupted and dangerous countries of the world.

Defamation campaign against Pakistan

The truth is a lot more different than the fiction presented by the international media, I do agree and admit the fact; that Pakistan was being targeted with high level of terrorism, but since the operation Zarb-i- Azb started and produced results (It still is a successfully ongoing military operation) the wave of terrorism is reduced considerably in every part of Pakistan. This should be considered a positive shift and is worthy of applause from the world.

If we have a look at the foreign policy of Pakistan, it has very comfortable relationships with almost every country which directly or indirectly effects the global and/or regional politics/security etc. Yes Pakistan does not enjoy good relationship with India, and this is only because of the stubborn attitude and cunning covert tactics used by India to destabilize Pakistan. The issue of Kashmir, which should be considered and dealt with as serious violation of human rights by India, is left as it was back in 1948. Why the international comity and especially UN do not tame India towards leniency and support the right of Kashmiris to plebiscite?

There are many questions needful of detailed and prompt answers and actions by the UN as well as by India, when it comes to stability in Pakistan, Afghanistan as well as in Kashmir. The three different regions mentioned here are interconnected and directly effects processes in Pakistan. This is where India is playing its criminal games.

External elements and their role

The major problems of peace sustainability in Pakistan are externally generated issues, which obviously/of course exploited within Pakistan on the basis of sect and religion, but by the handlers sitting outside Pakistan i.e. India. No country would ever allow instability within its borders, and same is the case with Pakistan. India at many occasions directly as well as indirectly accepted the responsibility of creating instability within Pakistan, and this should be handled by the international comity as a serious offence and intervention of sovereignty by India. Moreover to cover the mess it created, India blames Pakistan's interference in the instability of more than 28 states of India. Which is extremely exaggerated as Pakistan being a very small country in comparison to India, and to create such level of instability Pakistan must possess divine powers and full flow of financial resources, the latter is the basic area where Pakistan lacks. Therefore the idea of maligning Pakistan on these basis is absolutely ludicrous.

Along with all these ongoing issues and conspiracies, Pakistan is thriving by every passing moment and it will reach the goal of economic independence and stability, in my opinion no later than year 2025 or maximum by 2030.

There are many so called allies of Pakistan, who are always remain ungrateful towards the efforts and steps Pakistan takes for the regional peace and stability. Whether it is related to the stability and peace cooperation with Afghanistan or fighting against terrorism with the backing of US, every effort goes unnoticed or considered very little. Pakistan deserves it equal share of applause, not because the state is in need of such recognition, instead the Pakistani nation asks the question of self respect and recognition from its state. They ask why are we fighting for others if we do not even get recognition, instead Pakistan's name get maligned in such efforts.

CPEC a game changer!

The initiation of CPEC (China and Pakistan Economic Corridor) project is going to be a milestone in the history of the region, in terms of economic stability and security. There will be no looking back for Pakistan, no matter how hard the hostile elements try to derail these efforts and cooperation of both Pakistan and China.

The level of education in Pakistan is still needs much improvements, however those who are educated/literate are going places due to their capability and intellectual, which is no less than any competent student of the world.

To cut the story short, I would say that Pakistan is on a right track towards success, stability, peace and prosperity and time will define the respect and recognition that Pakistan deserves. May the good deed and optimism prevails over the evil acts. Aameen!

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