Monday, 22 August 2016

INGOs-Shadowy Characters or Sincere Efforts

By: Peace Keeper

What INGOs mandate is?

Since the early 1980s the concept of giving a helping hand to underdeveloped and war-torn countries has been a norm for INGOs, rather more effective and financially sound than the government of the host country. Many analysts, representatives of the of religious groups and others have in one way or the other criticized the role of these INGOs.
What is the real truth behind all this streak of philanthropy?? helping mankind in every possible way is a noble task, but along with positive vibes, there are multiple dimensions of such acts which are considered to be dubious.
INGOs works in underprivileged areas/countries
Today in every under developed and war-torn country there are hundreds of foreign-funded NGOs (INGOs) working for the welfare of the people or trying hard to help the government to be stabilized economically, socially and morally of course. But many experts of the countries where such NGOs are working tirelessly believes that there is some hidden agenda behind all of the social and development work that is being carried out on a huge scale.
These INGOs deals in various sectors i.e.
  • human developments,
  • livelihood,
  • social and economical development,
  • skills development training,
  • human rights,
  • education, science and technology
  • health and rehabilitation
  • agriculture
There are some well-known INGOs actively working in various sectors, i.e.
  • USAID,
  • DFID
  • Oxfam
  • Save the Children
  • Open Society Foundation
  • Acted
  • Red Cross
  • Care etc

Some Blunt Negative Reactions 

Countries like Russia, China and Libya have/had claimed blatantly that if not all then at least many of the NGOs are running some hidden agendas to get hegemony of their respective countries over the under developed and/or war-torn countries. In recent past, an INGO (Save the Children) which was conducting its various projects in Pakistan had been suspended by the Pakistan's government, due to its alleged nefarious activities within Pakistan, and all that in the name of health care and welfare of the children. A local doctor of the Northern areas of Pakistan has also been arrested by the LEAs for conducting espionage against Pakistan.
Such incidents do show the somewhat suspected activities by these INGOs in the countries where they operate, but why such a noble cause is being used to infiltrate the privacy of other nations?

Allegations of Espionage 

Intelligence for hundreds of years has been a profession of deception and extreme measures, however, one could not expect the extreme to be at such level, where espionage conducted in the garb of social welfare and human rights.
 As mentioned earlier the big names in this field like " Save the Children" have been criminalized and there are many such incidents, which do not reach to the general public.
The poor/under developed countries sees such helping hands/Aid from western developed countries as a generous gift, but this gift could not/should not be accepted on the price of breach of their sovereignty. If any mentioned country tightens the circle and restrict movements/activities of such NGOs within their country of working, then we witness loud and clear threatening tones of the government who are funding these projects, and these threats are only to undermine self-respect and care for the sovereignty of the host under developed countries.
Charity and helping others does not mean that you can breach the social norms and privacy of the beneficiary, it does not goes like that at all!!! It is obvious that foreign funding/aid is an act of generosity which is neither a loan nor a request to receive one. Then such an attitude from the donor/the funding government does not seem to be morally corrected.
World is changing very promptly with the concept of globalization being implemented by every passing minute, in such global society where every individual has access to modes to convey their message(s) with a swift movement of fingers, no nation/society would accept such adventurous schemes from any one, even if it is on the cost of losing billions of dollars of foreign funded projects.
The role of INGOs/NGOs to develop a peaceful and prosperous society is very important, but it should remain within the parameters of its given mandate. Only then the world could see some very successful projects being implemented through such INGOs.
There are rather more adventurous and exciting profession to conduct espionage than the use of meager shoulder of International Non Governmental Organizations.

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