Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Moral Responsibilities for upcoming US President

By: Peace Keeper

 A lot of news being circulated about the upcoming presidential elections in the USA, in November 2016. Of course it is presidential elections of one of the most vibrant and powerful countries of the world. Therefore a lot is on stake when it comes to the general elections of US. The most favorite candidates to be the next president of USA are Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump belonging to Democratic Party and Republican Party respectively.

As far as the duration is concerned US presidential elections are one of the longest campaigned elections of the world. Different campaigns, news, views, reviews and assessments starts almost before more than a year for this prestigious and one of the most important event of the world. Since US has/had been involved in almost every country of the world, in one way or another, people around the world are keeping strict eyes on every moment of presidential election campaigns.

Donald Trump best known as a real estate mogul of US and one of the most influential businessmen of the world, has no direct or significant political background. However he has always been befriended with many respected and renowned political figures of USA primarily and of some other personalities throughout the world. From the day one when the election campaigns kick started Trump has gained more and more popularity among US nation,until recently when in response of Trump's suggestion to barred Muslim immigrants into US, parents of killed US army soldier Captain Humayun Khan appeared on TV and bashed the biased approach of Trump. The parents of the killed soldier claimed that their son being Muslim American has sacrificed his life for the country, and instead of getting respect from the state, the favorite candidate for US presidency is passing negative and derogatory remarks about Muslims.

While this piece is being written, still there is very tensed and seemingly descending situation for Donald Trump, he has not been only criticized by public, opposition but also by his own party members, who thinks that this negative impact of Trump's personality could ruin the reputation of the whole party as well.

Every person who is entitled to be at one of the most prestigious places in the world should have some strong moral and national values to uphold. The more powerful one becomes the more responsibility he/she has towards society. If for an example US president becomes biased and shows prejudice against any specific race, religion, ethnicity etc, the whole nation would follow the steps of their president or at least he/she would lose his respect in the eye of nation. Such president would also face great difficulties while settling disputes of world, will get skepticism that he himself is a biased personality how come would he be able to show impartiality towards other poor and under developed nations who incidentally would be from different race, religion or ethnicity etc.
Donald Trump may be one of the successful businessmen, however his egoistic and dictatorial suggestions, opinions towards ethnic minorities etc would not be seen as a statement by a sensible and responsible candidate for US presidency. The decision is for the American citizens to make!

Being a head of any state is a task of sleeping over thorns, and this goes with the phrase word by word if not more. Especially when you are president of the self proclaimed savior state of the world. Impartiality, justice and responsible nature are some of the key ingredients of becoming a head of any state. If US has to keep her influence over the rest of the world, especially over under developed and/or developing countries, it needs to be in order within its political structure. This would also be beneficial in getting positive responses from US citizens, who are tired of US being father figure to the rest of the world, and yet a lot needs to be corrected within the country.

The entire world hopes, that Donald Trump would learn from his mistakes and would try to be impartial, dignified and responsible candidate for the US presidency. A lot needs to be done on the side of Democratic Party as well (Hilary Clinton's email server issues etc). The world has become a global village, you cannot play with your own people for long, our responsible politicians would need to learn to be honest and straight forward to us.

No matter who is going to be the next US president... he/she would need to tackle many national and international issues simultaneously. US foreign policy needs a thorough review for the future, one can be jack of all trades but cannot claim to be master of all, and this phrase is appropriately applicable to the USA in current political as well as economical scenario.

US has always been a welcoming country for immigrants, and the immigrants has always been back bone of US in terms of economic development and social infrastructure etc. The new president of US needs to be impartial and polite towards minorities living on US soil.

The new president would also need to tackle the issue of growing menace of terrorism, and to overcome it successfully he/she would need the US citizens to be 100% satisfied with the government, only then the nation would stand shoulder to shoulder to fight extremism and/or terrorism. The policy of carrot and stick is no longer fruitful to tackle certain issues of the world, and US is no exception when dealing with other countries. This needs to be considered seriously by the people sitting (would be sitting) in the power corridors of US government.

Les us hope for the best outcome eventually and wish all of the candidates for US presidency a very best of luck!

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