Friday, 26 August 2016

ISI...True defender of Pakistan..

By: Peace Keeper

The propaganda against ISI
You must have read and/or heard a lot about the supreme intelligence agency of Pakistan, Directorate of Inter Services Intelligence, famously known as ISI. But to my astonishment most of the people are either anti ISI due to a planned agenda of internal and external enemies of Pakistan, or because of the naivety of a common man who is targeted by the enemies through psychological tool of media (Electronic/Social).
Just turn on your televisions, domestic, national or even on international level. You will find poisonous language been/being used against the defending forces (ISI is big example here) of Pakistan.
Basic known structure/functioning
ISI is headed by the three star general of the Army, many other deputies and station heads are mainly from the military (Mostly Army), whereas a considerable (not certain) number of employees are also civilians. A very disciplined and professional organization, ISI is considered to be one of the best intelligence agencies of the world. And this categorization was not done locally, rather the ranking was given on international level.
The media war against ISI
Yet there is psychological war (mainly through print/electronic media and internet) being run against the ISI, on the behest of some hidden hands. They allege that ISI is interfering/meddling in the civilian structures of Pakistan's government, however they do not mention the incapabilities of the civilian political structure of Pakistan. Since its inception in 1947, Pakistan has been reigned by the civilian politicians, who did not deliver or should I say who did not work towards the welfare of the state/nation, rather they intoxicated themselves in the joyful spirits of power and authority.
Believe me when I say, that if there had not been Army/ISI and other devoted organizations, Pakistan would have not been existed this long. The level of corruption, nepotism, favoritism and lawlessness would have vanished the name Pakistan from the world map. It is due to the sincere efforts and defensive strategies of defense forces of Pakistan, that made it through all this ordeal of corruption and internal destabilization.
Let me ask the readers/the common man. Why there is not much anti-CIA, anti Mossad, anti RAW news and articles in print and electronic media??? Although these aforementioned intelligence agencies have done various black ops and they are considered to be far more powerful in terms of finances and resources technical/non-technical. I have only one answer comes to my mind and that is; ISI is being a thorn in their eyes and throats whoever wishes Pakistan to be non-existent.
What is the role of ISI?
As far as my little knowledge is concerned, the role and mandate of any intelligence agency is to protect the sovereignty and legitimacy of the state it belongs.An organization of such huge stature and responsibility ""ISI"", why would it not be working pro Pakistan? the truth is that it is sincerely working in favor of Pakistan and its nation, and that is the only reason of ISI being defamed by the fifth columnist around the world. These so called pseudo intellectuals who defames ISI and Military of Pakistan, are paid parrots of anti-Pakistan elements.
I might would not be able to sacrifice my social and personal life in the line of duty, but those true defenders of Pakistan (ISI personnel), do sacrifice their lives, social as well as personal in the line of duty, and in return all they get is the basic salary which every other government official (Of same pay scale) of other ministries gets for their services, which are far more convenient if we compare it with the services of ISI personnel. Where is the catch for such a sacrifice, the only catch is a deep love for your country and its well being.
In news channels and print media you must have/had heard or read about the martyrs of military, police and other LEAs, however I am sure you have/had never heard or read about the martyrs of intelligence agencies of Pakistan, so you will have to rule the last option of fame and name also. They do not even get name and fame after being martyred in the line of duty. So what is the catch?? I leave this point to be considered by readers, who are much more intelligent than I am.
A person should be honest and should appreciate if someone does a good job, especially if the job is to defend the homeland. I would not mind saluting and encouraging the sacrifices of ISI and every single personnel of this organization. I would reject and refuse anti-ISI claims which are made by some pseudo intellectuals of Pakistan's journalism world.
Ex CIA officer praised the professionalism of ISI
An ex officer of CIA Michael Scheuer accepted the professionalism and high level of patriotism of ISI towards Pakistan, he praised the ISI in an interview my readers can visit the following link to see what he has to say about ISI:
It is worth mentioning here that, the operation against Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1979 by the ISI was backed morally as well as financially by the CIA. The same CIA who every now and then calls ISI a "Rogue Organization". My question is was the ISI not rogue enough to be their ally in 1979??? This is not good to be ungrateful to the organization who helped having a stable stance for USA,when she was surrounded by the mist of cold war with soviets.
The above mentioned are very few of the several bitter truths about the professional capability of ISI, these truths should not be bitter for Pakistani nation as it should give them sense of protection and pride for having ISI as the supreme intelligence agency of Pakistan. In the end it is personal perception of any individual to like or dislike any person/organization, however I felt a huge responsibility to clear some doubts which are being spread against one of the most capable intelligence services of the world, the ISI!!!!!

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