Monday, 15 August 2016

Craze of Pokemon Go!!!

By: Peace Keeper

People around the world are getting too addicted to games, especially easily available and freedom of playing via ""Mobile Phone"". Every hand is holding a smart phone these days, and strangely every other person has/had or is playing some sort of game according to their interests. However there are certain very famous video games/mobile games which every smart phone user has/had played or is still playing with great attention and interest.

Why is that phenomena getting bigger by every passing day?? Is it in human nature to be addicted to fascinating graphics and mind boggling tricks used to play any specific game either on console and/or on mobile phone??

Just as we are discussing about video games addiction, there is one game recently launched and literally with a bang!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is called "" Pokemon Go"".

A very famous cartoon character among children of all ages, originally conceived by a Japanese man who was fond of collecting insects in his childhood.

The concept of playing this Pokemon Go game is very interesting, as user has to chose or visit a real life location to give it a simulation version in game and play accordingly. A vibrate alert in your mobile phone will inform you about the available Pokemon near you as you start playing game in your area, city, country or our of your country. I do not know how much time has/had spent over the programming of such a lovely idea of gaming according to the location etc.

The Pokemon Go game is absolutely free of cost and available for download at Google Play Store and  iPhone store.

This game and many other similar games, apps and other popular gadgets etc, has proven once again that if you have the good idea and the means to materialize it you will be going places. I personally have not experienced the Pokemon Go game, never played any of its games. However I have the popular characters, and the way children goes crazy about their cartoon feature toys, cartoon movies etc. This guy is sort of a magical wizard......

So all our great game lovers out their in the world, please do download and enjoy the Pokemon Go game from your Android (Google Play Store) or from your iPhone, but as mentioned in it reviews world wide that be cautious while going in the field with the craze of this game. Do not play this or any other games while walking on a road where there is traffic or other hazards, do not ever try to play games while you are driving, cooking etc.

So simple enjoy this new phenomena and be careful and watchful for yourself and for others. Enjoy you craze for the games!!!

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