Friday, 15 July 2016

Turkey post Ottoman Empire...Present Situation

The Ottoman Empire established in 1299 by Oguz Turks and was dissolved just after the World War I, in November 1922. This is when modern days Turkey came into being, they call Mutafa Kamal Attaturk the founder of modern Turkey. Turkey has always been Muslim dominated country for centuries ( even formerly when it was known Ottoman Empire).

While I am writing this piece according to state media report an attempt of military coup in Turkey (Formerly known as Ottoman Empire) has been failed by the citizen of Turkey. Firing on citizens and killing of more than two dozen police officers have also been reported.

The state media and Prime Minister along with Chief of Turkey's first army reported that the coup attempt was not from the entire organization of Army, instead few hundred army officers, soldiers attempted the coup to take over the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It has also been reported that the hold of Turkey's civil government is intact on the country and the regular army units have been deployed to counter rebels of Turkish army.

Many countries have witnessed one or another sort of military coups or an attempt of coup, but I did not like the behavior of the Turkish army rebels towards innocent citizens. There has been four military coups in Pakistan since its independence, however Pakistan Army has never attacked citizens of Pakistan. There has been no reports of any abusive treatment either while the military was taking control of the country.

One cannot expect the saviors of the state to turn against the innocent citizens, this is quite disturbing whatever the reasons have been for the military rebels to take such step against the government, but attacking your citizens does not matches the caliber of any brave army of the country. Like I have given example of Pakistan's army, does not matter what few citizens, politicians and other countries says about Pakistan army, if you analyze their popularity among common citizens you will see the actual picture. All this respect and love have come from the respect and love the army shows to their citizens.

It must be one the most luckiest days of the life of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that only because of his popularity among his citizens that made him President from the seat of Prime Minister and now citizens came out of their houses and stand in front of the army rebels to restrain the coup. The serious issue is of the divide in the Turkish army, as it is apparently been reported that even the chief of Turkish army has also been kept ill-informed from any developments/planning of army rebels until today when the attempt of coup has been executed.

Things are changing rapidly throughout the world and most of the developments we see are ironically negative or with grey shades in it.  The need of accountability and proper monitoring in every state run organization is need of the time, irrespective of the uniform or civilian cadre everyone should be accountable and should be vetted on every aspect. We have this very fresh developing story in front of us as a very important example.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been very honest and popular leader in Turkey, no corruption has been reported against him. What would happen with the state leaders, politicians, bureaucrats and even army officers of the countries, who made their fortunes with ill gotten money out of taxpayers hard earned incomes??? Will citizens of such countries come out of their houses to rescue those unpopular leaders?? I do not know honestly... my readers around the world will be able to shed some light through their sincere opinions on this issue.

May the world become heavenly peaceful with the grace of God!!!

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