Thursday, 14 July 2016

Temple Run.... Games Addiction

By: Peace Keeper

There was a time when teenagers used to be totally crazy for the game consoles of ATARI, Nintendo, SEGA etc (The old versions), I was one of the fond lovers of these gaming consoles. What an experience it was, full of enjoyment and surprises. But when I look children's and teenager's great inclination towards mobile phone games, it does not surprises me, though playing game on mobile phone has never been attractive to me as compared to playing on console attached to your TV screens. A great number of people belonging to all age groups are playing Run.. games on their mobile phones.

Every other day a game named something XYZ.. with Run (somewhat necessary word to be included for game developers) is hot attraction. My friend was counting the mobile games titles including Run word in them and to my surprises there are several games out there. Then my friend critically analyzed each Run game and gave his verdict on the best Run game. According to him the best and most popular Run game is Temple Run, it was his opinion but I tend to second his opinion upon receiving the same comments from other group of people who plays mobile games.

They said the graphics, functionality, difficulty levels and overall experience of the game is far more better than latest attempts of developing Run games,,, obviously pioneers do get some credit/advantage over followers this is what I believe. However when we talk about having access to same technology and gadgets one question comes into my mind why other developers could not develop best performing and attractive Run games? It is all about quality and user friendliness which every professional developer can create easily, then why they are failing?

The answer could probably be that they cannot get successful in developing attractive piece of game, as long as they do not stop imitating Temple Run and be creative and think about something which Temple Run or few other popular Run games do not have in it. Do my readers agree to this point???
I am sure you do agree with me, because I am not supporting or discouraging any specific developer. I am being honest and conveying opinions of others.
Where are all those talented game developers? why can't they produce quality product in competition of Temple Run and similar popular games? I request to all those great developers out there to please come forward with your best products and efforts to develop quality games for your customers out there!!!!
Many mobile phone games are being developed these days, the irony is that amateur and less qualified people are working, or may be they are not taking interest while developing games for free stores like Google Playstore, Iphone App store etc.
I am looking forward to experience some very very good and addictive games for my mobile phone, let us hope to get some fantastic games sooner than later.

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