Saturday, 23 July 2016

Successful people of the world!

By: Peace Keeper

Have you ever wondered or tried to discover the true identities and past lives of many successful people of the world? To be honest and logical I have never come across a certain/defined rule of success in my life. Of course this is my personal opinion with bit of an experience I have gained throughout my life.

After a careful analysis the only similarity I could see in successful people of the world is the "Positive attitude and will to achieve their goals". Just try to Google the names of big personalities of the world, go deep into their biography (if it is original content), you will find their determination and optimistic approach towards their efforts.

The point I am trying to making here is; that we all wake up in the morning with a will to achieve something we could not the past day! is it not true???
But if end of the day we could not achieve what we aimed, will that be considered as a failure?
Of course it will not be a failure, rather it will be a new starting point for us to rectify the errors we have/had made earlier and try to go with a bang again.

I believe as long as your desire is genuine, positive, good for you and not bad for others etc, you can achieve your goals, the only condition lies here is the will to fight against the odds. Be optimistic and assure yourself that you are no lesser intelligent, intellectual or creative than others. Beware of your devilish over confident attitude..... Humiliation is the best virtue, it has/had been virtue of saints and pious personalities.

Work hard with determination, never try to take a short-cut, there is no short-cut for success! Although there are instances where people get success within moments, but again those were people who destined to get what they did. In fact if you ask them, they will tell you that they did not wished for what they have achieved. This group of people are those who are the luckiest one, and of course luck without a desire does not sound much of an attraction to many of us.

A good idea, innovative thinking with creativity is a very good mixture to produce dish of success. Never allow others to let you down ( letting down and healthy criticism is far more different than one another, so do not get confused).

Always think positive about others, never try to hurt someone. Never wish to snatch someone else's success, in short do not let envy prevail your good soul.
Trust me these are all pass codes to your peaceful and successful life. At least end of the day, you will not have burden of conscience in your mind. Be different not dangerous, be innovative but not terrorist. Simple rules and very simple thin lines between being good and bad, right and wrong!

I wish good luck to all hard workers and beautiful human beings for their success in every walk of their lives. Stay blessed and happy!

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