Saturday, 9 July 2016

Slave of Technology

By: PeaceKeeper
These days I wonder are we getting stuck into the claws of technological evolution or we as humans are being advanced on technological grounds? Whatever the truth is one thing cannot be denied and that is the dependence of our daily life on technology...
Are we not less energetic and active as we used to be in early 1990's? Yes we are being lethargic and this will continue to grow if we do not stop relying on technology for our everyday tasks esp. which could easily be done by ourselves (I mean by our hands).
I do not consider myself to be anti-technology, instead I being a human do think of the consequences in the near future. The effects of over excessive usage of technology on our children especially those who are being born into the cradle of overburdened technological world.
We should get advantage of technology but not at the cost of future of our children.Our forefathers and elders have always been healthy and active as compared to our generation and upcoming generations. The reason being only the lack of active lifestyle, technology is a good medium to be used to spread positive energy and messages across the globe. I hope my opinion would not offend the big names of the technological world, in the end I am also using one of the several tools of technological advancement to spread my message. However I strongly believe that dependence on technology and lack of active lifestyle would lead us to early deaths and/or unhealthy life, so be cautious and think about the future.

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