Saturday, 9 July 2016

R.I.P Great Philanthropist!!

By: Peace Keeper

Abdul Sattar Edhi founder and chairperson (Edhi Foundation Pakistan) a very noble and down to earth person has died in Karachi, Pakistan on the evening of Friday. He has been a very generous, humble, caring and human loving person. He has lived all his life in humility and simplicity. He has never claimed his share of pride and rewards from government to serve his community with utmost responsibility and integrity.

He and his wife and later his children along with couple of thousands employees/volunteers has/had helped many humans to reduce if not eradicate their miseries.
I must say a state funeral has not worth to the par and standard of the community service and socialism Edhi carried on his shoulders all along until his death.
There are very few people in this world who are this much concerned and sincere to serve the poor, needy and abandoned illegitimate children.

I really feel honored to write few words to condole the death of such a hugely pious and simple person. And I really hope that his wife and children will continue his legacy of social work and welfare for the betterment of human beings.

I must say that we all should adopt the nature of helping others who are in need, according to our capacity and ability but we should help others. Nothing is more peaceful and pleasing in this world than the feeling of satisfaction when you help needy people to reduce their miseries and to see a glimpse of smile on their faces.

The world is facing multiple threats from different dimensions, we can at least do something on our end to have some feeling of responsible citizens of our respective countries. This write up is becoming more of an advisory note but I do not apologize for the sake of improvement in our societies.

May this world become a peaceful, prosper and fear free as it used to be before the evolution of mental and worldly attractions of mankind. Amen!

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