Saturday, 9 July 2016

Multifaceted Waves of Terrorism

Multifaceted Waves of Terrorism
By: Peace Keeper

The world is being targeted by multifaceted waves of terrorism. It has become a business enterprise which generates monetary benefits from selling/purchasing illegal armaments, extortion, sex slavery and many more. These dimensions presents somewhat difficult picture of terrorism in our today's society.
Islam which is one of the most peaceful religions is being targeted/defamed by small number of radicalized elements (presenting themselves to be flag carrier of Muslim community). We as a global force should pay heed to such issues seriously and instead of maligning name of any specific religion i.e. Islam, we should focus on the elements/evil forces which drives terrorism. 
There is much more than the apparent driving forces of terrorism, like I mentioned it has become a business for many, there cannot be lone wolves wandering in our society having weapons and training worth millions. We as a global community should stop blame game and hatred towards specific society/countrymen and start behaving like sensible citizens, only then we will be able to stop this menace adequately. 
Focus should be on preventing people from getting radicalized instead of deradicalizing the youth and affected individuals. Politicians, bureaucrats, celebrities, intellectuals and common man everyone has to play their part to get quick and effective results in preventing terrorism. 
Everyone in the societies of different countries/cultures should have the right to practice their religion and cultural norms, the sense of tolerance and peace should be prevailed among people of different nations. Unemployment has played significant part in radicalization of youth in neglected and under developed societies, this issue should be resolved on priority basis. Parents/family members should teach their children/family members to participate peacefully in the respective cultures, the digital media can play integral part in guiding the youth towards right path. 
In the closing lines I would like to request every peace loving individual to pay heed on aforementioned issues and try to harmonize the environment in their respective societies, so that we could participate in the effort for the peaceful and harmonized future for our children. May God (ALLAH) bless the world with peace and prosperity with loads of love and patience for every human being. 

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