Saturday, 16 July 2016

Last Minute Escape for Turkey's Civil Government

By: Peace Keeper

It has not been even 24 hours since the violent and rebel officers from Turkey's army tried to derail the civil setup of the government. People are calling it an attempt of coup, after analyzing the whole scenario I would call it more of a "Mutiny". 

It had been luckiest day for the President Erdogan and the civil government that citizens of Turkey came out of their houses to resist the so called military coup. In the end it is success of democracy over dictatorship, it is victory of good governance over forced attempt of obtaining power. Almost 2,800 rebels have been arrested so far and the civil government has secured the control over its sensitive installations etc. 161 people have been killed while more than 1400 injured in this incident that attracted world attention.
Erdogan was enjoying his vacations at seaside when tanks of rebel army officers/soldiers entered into the streets of Instanbul and capital city Ankara. It has been claimed by different quarters of authority that most of the rebels were from Air Force, military police and the armored units. Turkish government blamed Fethullah Gulen for orchestrating the military coup, Gulen is based in USA and once used to be very close friend of President Erdogan. 

No matter what triggered the attempt of mutiny in Turkey, the fact is that such attempts without powerful backing are not possible!!! There never have been any such incidents without the conspiracy of far more powerful people of the world. 

The intelligence agencies of every country keeps very close eye and very clean ears on the personnel of their respective armed forces. It is strange that Turkish intelligence agencies could not have/had gathered any such information prior to the mutiny and havoc created yesterday. This seems to be quite a kind of blunder and conspiracy of much bigger stature than it seems. I am not a conspiracy theorist neither am I whistle blower with confirm news in my pocket, however I do have common sense and also am bit aware of the SOPs. 

The time will reveal the original picture lies under the dust of conspiracies and secrecy. There are lessons to be learnt for many failing governments of different countries. Not every nation is similar to Turkish citizens, things could change with a blink of an eye. 

My best wishes for continuity of Turkish government and prosperity of Turkey. 

Piece of Advice: Please Mr Erdogan order your intelligence agencies to be more vigilant next time before its too late to response or counter such attempts.

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