Sunday, 31 July 2016

Is the world being divided or united?

By: Peace Keeper

The recent wave of terrorism and economy collapses in different regions of the world has changed the perception of security and prosperity throughout the world. States are being targeted without any specific reason whatsoever, it seems like there is going to be a divide in the nations rather than unity.
The unipolarity is diminishing and multipolarity is seems to be taking place in the world. I personally second the thought and implementation of multipolarity, because it will give some sort of sense of security to the powerful nations as well as to their weaker allies.

Rapid growth in production of armaments and nuclear technology seems like that mankind is developing elements of his own destruction. There is always a thin line between security and madness.... Many developed states are near to the brink of the latter, no single state or super power is going to be the bossy figure in future and that is happening for sure. Human has evolved greatly in terms of social/political and technological advancements everyday. Today's man holds a treasure of information in his hands (Mobile Phones, Tablet etc), you cannot fool people like you used to do in the recent past and before that.

Terrorism is one of the trigger points in this divide of the world... The perception of humanity is diminishing with the menace of terrorism and so is the idea of sympathy towards weaker groups. Today's man is mostly concerned about his own safety and security rather than thinking about others well being.

My question is for the powerful lot of this world... have you saw this wave of catastrophe coming???
I cannot assume you did not, but the question remains if you did, why no precautions were taken to prevent such a deadly wave of terrorism in the world? Many questions have been remained unanswered till today and this one is likely to remain unanswered as well.

I know there is God who created human beings and is watching the dirty tricks we are playing in this world, but is there any savior or deputy of God (Other than the messengers who are no longer be coming to guide us)?. By referring deputy here I mean an individual/group of human loving people who for the sake of humanity and God, think just about the whole humanity without being biased to any race, creed, nation, religion, country etc.

Internet is being used as both for positive purposes as well as for the ulterior motives of rivals, terrorists and conspiracy theorists etc. Let us join our hands and put some serious pressure on our respective governments to take some initiative for the well being of mankind. The significant political, defence and geographical changes are very prominent signs of world being divided rather than getting united for the good cause(s).

Let us try to reunite the world on the basis of accumulative benefit for all, otherwise the selfish approach will vanish the very existence of many powerful corridors.

Why do many states/countries are spending trillions of dollars on their defence production, what catastrophe and from whom do they expect? There are many serious questions but not a single appropriate answer to this. If we raise our voices in a proper systematic way we may be called as traitors, rebels or extremists etc. But we are gentle people with moderate approach towards everything, therefore we as a responsible citizens of our countries will only ask politely and will only protest politely to create some meaningful changes if possible.

This world belongs to us "Humans" and we take full responsibility for the peace and violence being created in this world. I wish there was some term which I simply Google and get answer to all our problems, Alas! there is no such term to be googled.

Safety, security, food, shelter are some of the basic needs of humans, I request to the authorities to just provide us all with these basic needs, and stop this race of your egos which will result in devastation and nothing else.

Once there were powerful states who used to claim to be the untouchable and/or undefeated, however time has proven that there is nothing in this world which can be permanent. No one has the power to predict about next minute, we can only assess and evaluate the situation. It is better to stop living in the fools paradise and start some serious initiatives for a better, peaceful, prosper world.

I am not against the defensive measures all states take for the security of their nation, however being defensive and being over defensive is quite different phrases as well as idiotic in practical terms. There is no such power bigger than the state ( Here by power I mean any self proclaimed best terrorist organization) there is nothing which can standstill the whole state with some stupid violent acts of terrorism. Only God has the power to create this world and only he will be able to decide the fate of this world, not some Tom Dick and Harry of lala land.

In fact you and I are somewhat responsible for this whole mess we are landed in, we should stop giving vote to every extremist, partial or selfish leader whatsoever. If we do not elect some idiot psycho to ruin our lives and economy, we will see some very bright future for the generations to come. A debt free lives for everyone, a peaceful and fear free life for every child and adult etc. I want every sane individual to participate in this discussion which does not only belong to me or my country, it belongs to every peace loving individual of this world.

Our agenda should be to have proper health, food, education and secure lives on daily basis. We are tired of being scanned through walk through gates at every little restaurant, where we used to hang out fear free with friends and family. Let us start taking positive initiatives for the better, peaceful and non-sophisticated world.  I hope the world then be united again for the bigger, better and noble cause for the welfare of humans not for some specific nations/race etc.

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