Monday, 11 July 2016

Is she lesser human???

By: Peace Keeper

Violence Against Women

There are people in our society who treat women with violence and use abusive language whenever they feel annoyed or try to control them. This happens not only in under developed countries but also in the western developed cultures as well. We come across many incidents every now and then where violence against women is involved.
Do we consider women any lesser human than men??? I do not.. do you?
This question should be asked seriously... And I mean very seriously because this intolerance towards our better halves could lead to devastating consequences. It did happen in many cultures/countries that such behaviors of men whenever get unnoticed they lead to the extreme of violence towards women (Girl friends and Wives and even daughters).

Women Should Also Learn To Lead Happy Lives

At the same time women should also not try to exploit their relationships over trivial issues, whether the relation is with father, brother, husband, son etc. A mother could be the best teacher in setting mindset of a child. Every mother should try to groom their children especially their sons to respect females, in fact they should teach their children to respect every individual without bias of race, religion, color and culture.

People Do Not Care

Inhumanity,cruelty cannot be given other names, Though there are some cases of genuine disorders which lead to many brutal incidents, but we cannot hide every other person in the garb of disorders of personality whenever they commit crime.
Why our society started being intolerant towards women? Who is responsible for this violent behavior? Any specific person, religion, race, creed anything????
No... we cannot link any specific race, religion and/or culture with this intolerance. This is personal perception of considering violent behavior as an upper hand over opposite sex. How childish this is, but ironically this is being practiced. This is a universal truth that you cannot force your mentality, ideas, love etc into somebody else's mind, this is contrary to natural process.

Violence in Almost Every Society

Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan are den of honor killings. Many sisters, daughters and wives have been killed in the name of honor. Many cases were only a matter of irrelevant doubts that compelled furious men to kill their innocent females. Acid throwing on women is also becoming norm of taking revenge/execute anger in under developed countries.

Is Making Law Will Solve The Problem?

Where is law and order, where is humanity? What has made us humans lesser good than wild animals?
There are many questions but no reasonable answer so far... Some psychologists suggests such inhumane behavior of males towards females as some kind of psychological disorder. The question arises was the man born with that disorder, or the society injected in him such disorders.

Positive Solutions And Conclusions

If proper measures and precautions will not be implemented sooner, the world will implode with excessive violence and intolerance of different types. Every man should respect every women, if they think their women are not being the way they like them to be, there are several other ways to convince them or treat them rather than being violent or physically abusing them.
Give women a sense of security and affection she deserves!

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