Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Eyes Are On Social Media....

By: Peace Keeper

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, skype, watsapp, instagram and many other social interaction platforms are being popular in every country. It is some kind of magical attraction for every user, once they sign up and start using it they don't stop for anything in the world. From sharing personal photos to different mood types throughout the day, sharing visits to different restaurants, shopping places etc people just share everything they could while being in the limits of morality as long as possible.

And then there is another face to this ever increasing likeness of social media platforms, which is called intrusion/surveillance or any other name you want to relate to it. Security forces of different countries are monitoring these social media platforms and must be laughing at the level of simplicity of all these people who are no longer familiar or practicing the word privacy in their lives. I personally view all this with a different angle, I do not blame government organizations for intrusion in our privacy. If I share my personal photos on a public platform, which after being extremely careful is still vulnerable for the loss/theft of my personal information, why in the world would I blame such organizations for watching over my shoulders. Why have I started sharing my personal information on public platform in the first place???

Then there are cases of very dignified and responsible individuals belonging to important government organizations, even some of them have been victim of social media on being too explicit about their personal and work life. Such individuals have/had face grave consequences in terms of their personal and professional lives.
Why are we so attached to social media, here by attached I mean sharing every moment of our lives on social media platforms. Is this merely a show off to get attention of known/unknown people or is there some sort of inferiority complex in our societies? Are we so influenced with celebrities(whose personal lives are privacy free)? No matter what our attraction is but this is understood fact that usage and sharing on social media to this extent is not healthy at all.
I am not against any social media platform... In fact these platforms are very much useful for every walk of life, however even the founder of any of the social media had not dreamed that almost more than half of the world's population would go crazy for sharing their personal information and photos through medium of their creation.
A lot of incidents occurred by the negative use of social media, I do not say to put unnecessary restrictions over social media platforms, I only advocate the limitation factor here. These days criminal gangs, drug mafia, illegal arms dealer, terrorists and other black sheep of our society are using the same medium for communication as we all do. So we should not try to create movement against the monitoring of social media by our government institutions, instead we should encourage and participate in their tasks to overcome the menace of crimes/terrorism. I personally think it is their good gesture to let citizens know that they are watching us, otherwise we would have never come to know about this!!!!

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