Saturday, 30 July 2016

Child's Upbringing

By: Peace Keeper

A well groomed and mentally stable child is asset for the future of not only his/her parents but also for the society and state he belongs to. Every parent should learn about the basic and necessary steps to be taken while upbringing a child and/or children. When we look at the psychologically disturbed people whose mental condition has been due to the negligence he faced in upbringing from his/her parents.

I am not talking about individuals who have been destined to be disable or mentally challenged (Created or converted into the condition by the will of God), instead I am talking about individuals who happens to be aggressive and mentally unstable due to the negligence of their parents/family etc. If my father was a drug addict or alcoholic with all his attention on satisfying his personal needs, I would have been a very aggressive and criminal minded child/teenager or even grown up man.

Proper love, time, care and attention is necessity of any successful child upbringing. You cannot guarantee a mentally perfect child just by providing money and food to your child/children. You will need to give proper attention on your child i,e. Spend quality time with your children, teach them about Dos and Don'ts of life, scold them if they are straying from the right path, whether it is their studies or social life. Parent should keep an eye on the daily movements and social circles of their children.

Be responsible parent and responsibility comes with many sub-categories which every parent should strictly follow for the successful upbringing of their child. Your precious quality time and care will build a positive personality in your child, let them feel that they are important meanwhile teach them to be a productive member of the society by contributing in different positive social activities. Try to set certain rules of their daily lives, try to teach them to be disciplined and humble throughout their lives. It is not a rocket science neither it is a 100% fool proof strategy, I have/had came across several individuals who are mentally disturbed and possessed aggressive personality, although they had a very attentive and prosperous life from their parents.

But it does not mean that one should stop positive practices, it is always good to be optimistic and this optimism should be transferred into your child's personality as well.

Some Common Observations: Many psychologists and human mind readers claims that what you teach your child is stays with them throughout their lives. Parents who unintentionally teaches their children to be their daily life spies on different daily events, made their children to be not actual spies instead these children grows up to be poking nose in every other person's affairs. In short they become bitchy.......
Parents who teach their children to tell lie on certain situations, unintentionally are making their children a compulsive liar of the future.
Parents who fights, especially fathers who beats their wives in front of their children, unintentionally making a child or children compulsive aggressors of the future. I am trying to say that not only genetically transferred traits and habits gets into your child, but also some frequently done habits or acts stays in the mind of child which may make the child/children either addicted of doing that specific act or makes child weaker in return of the frequency of the act.

It is a responsibility of every parent to take great care while upbringing their child/children, because their negligence could serve society with a negatively nurtured child which society may turn into more compulsive aggressor.

Our children are our future and any sign of negligence in their upbringing could be a disaster of their personality building. In current time where aggression and intolerance is prevailing we should be more cautious and attentive towards our children. And all this could only be done if of course you do care about your child/children and want to see them living happily in their upcoming lives.

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