Saturday, 9 July 2016

Brexit...what's next?

By: Peace Keeper
There has been discussion whether UK would vote to remain or exit the EU, now it has been decided (Apparently they have decided to exit the EU). What are the pros and cons of being member of EU or not being member of European Union EU?
Experts says there are more cons than pros... we never know! World is changing rapidly and countries are getting more self relied in terms of economy, defense and other political matters as and when required. I would be surprised if UK will not sail its economy and sustain the level of prosperity without the help of EU. Because gone are days when multi country alliance changes the fate of the world!
Political gimmicks happens, economical restrictions/losses and matters related to foreign policies do get effected when one country is in alliance with other country(s). This is my personal opinion so far,,, and my personal analysis suggests me that the UK (with or without Scotland/Northern Ireland) would sail this turmoil of detachment from EU and would surely be able to gain and sustain economical development in near future.
Would other EU member countries follow the footstep of UK... definitely few countries will try even if they wont be able to convince their nation to vote for exit from EU. Common man like me and you would be hurt emotionally as they no longer will be able to travel visa free within EU countries (Like UK citizen will face this problem sooner than later). Work restrictions would also be implemented accordingly, so in short there would be a scenario of critical reactions from common citizens of UK who do not understand the politics etc.
I personally feel that UK especially England would learn few good lessons by leaving EU and these lessons would surely be fruitful in the coming future, and would leave decisive scenarios for other following countries of EU bloc.

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