Sunday, 17 July 2016

Bombardment of Online Opportunities..No free lunches

By: Peace Keeper

In beginning days of internet (when it was being talked about as wizard) many fraudulent activities emerged along with many positive outcomes. One of the lucrative fraud was and still is offering online business and job opportunities. I know it sounds very tempting and convenient to generate thousands of dollar every month just by running some stupid program on computer or spending few hours daily on internet etc, however there are '' No free lunches in the world".

The fraudsters try their level best to attract your attention and to exploit your financial problems. Thanks God now there are many legitimate businesses out there who offers some legitimate online business and job opportunities. But I must say these online/remote working offers are not convenient at all, the only convenience you will get is the comfort to work from home. The other drawback of such opportunities is the infrequency in your work, you may or may not get online tasks to complete for weeks even months. So these kind of offers are far more behind the real life traditional work and business environment.

You can say that such offers/opportunities may give you extra income, however one cannot rely on these jobs/businesses in a long run to support themselves financially. I am not saying all this to disappoint any aspirant, but like I have already mentioned you will need a lot of hard work and consistency to get succeeded in this days of high competition even for the online businesses and jobs. You will definitely get exception if you are really good at something or you have expertise of some sort which very few people possess. For example you are very good at teaching computer programming, there are many legitimate ventures by big companies who offer work opportunities to competent computer programmers. If you are very good at writing or possess experience of journalism you may get full/part time online employment or specialized tasks from leading newspapers. For competent web/graphic designers there are many legitimate opportunities also. In short if you are good at something you may get one or another offer for online work.


Own website: If you own a website with good traffic and legitimate content without plagiarism you may earn some small income from one of the best companies ( Google's program Adsense is one of the leading legitimate income and advertising program. Google through this program places legitimate ads on your website/blog and shares a portion of revenue with you which Google earns from these ads. Go for it if you own website with good content.

My suggestions for all aspirants are to be consistent and beware of any fraudulent offers out there on internet. If the employer ask you for the some registration money or money upfront to search job for you (Except some reliable outsourcing companies) it means there is something fishy about it. Do not fall prey to such offers. If you want some casual extra income from a legitimate source you may consider Pay Per Click (PPC) offers from many leading businesses online. The remuneration is very low as compared to other jobs, however if you are consistent and works every day you can get something between $100-$200 a month. But this is not a promise neither from my side nor from the legitimate company. You should always be realistic and not a day dreamer whenever you think about home based income/business etc.
In the end aspirants who are serious about working from home can keep writing valuable and original content, as well as keep their website/blog active with different activities, they may be able to get some advertising and/or writing tasks soon.

Note: If you are employed then please never take your day job for granted and never ever rely on the online business/job unless until it starts giving you handsome and frequent income every month.
May all aspirants out there succeed in their sincere efforts.

Good Luck!

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