Friday, 15 July 2016

Attack in France...Strongly Condemn Terrorism

By: Peace Keeper

It is really heartfelt grief to have come to know about the recent attack in France, that killed at least 84 and injured more than 200 hundred innocent souls including children. What is happening around us, why have we been unable to counter such gruesome acts without having inch of a doubt/intelligence about it.
This is really painful trust me this is really bad in every way of humanity. Why any Tom, Dick and Harry stands up one day against the powerful peace loving humanity and destroys the very peaceful environment we always cherish to possess? How come such lunatics could not be identified prior to the act of terrorism they commit with expertise, as if he has been having training for months.

I know it is very difficult to point such radicalized individuals in our society (Finding needle in a haystack), however there should have been signs, body language or anything specific regarding that particular individual which should lead to the mental approach of that man/woman.

A single person driving a truck drove over the crowd who was celebrating the Bastille Day in Nice. After killing as least 84 and injuring more than 200 hundred, he started firing as the police reached the site to control the damage, finally he was killed by the firing of police. But the question remains before being killed by the police he had managed to create a panic, cause a grave loss to many families. Now the investigation will reveal some untold facts about the man's personality, background etc, my question is why now???

I really do not know whom to blame for all this, seriously I do not want to hurt any sincere person, organization or government who are already facing a menace of terrorism. But I do have the right to speak on behalf of the humanity, especially our young generation our children who are being groomed in fearsome manners. To our hard luck we don't even have Superman, Spider Man, Iron Man or Captain America etc to save us from such catastrophe!!!!!!

Human race is diminishing rapidly with such incidents occurring around the globe with short intervals. Is this some kind of global policy being followed, to create fear among societies. No one is safe in today's world, but why????? This is a right time to take strict measures to counter all such evil plans once and for all. Nobody is ready to answer no one is paying heed to this alarm of catastrophe. Only God is there to listen to us, however God does not help those who do not want to help themselves.
Please start spreading the message of peace, love and harmony in your house, families, friends, locality etc. Stop pointing fingers at each other or at some specific religion, race etc. Be sensible the 99.99% of world population loves to live in peaceful environment, these remaining 1% are wining the psychological war they intended to win. And this is happening because after every such attack we notice restrictions on immigration, quarrel of two individuals/groups belonging to different religion etc. This is what they want from us.... the segregation!!!!

Let us be united and fight the terrorism, no wonder this segregation of humanity will cause adverse consequences irrespective of race, culture, region, religion etc.
Beware and do not fall prey in the hands of these emotion less and cruel master planners of human destruction.

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